Lazio-Celtic, stabbed another Scottish fan: the third in 2 days. Ultra biancocelesti attempt aggression and then flee: 12 stop


Three stabbings in two days against the fans of the Celtic Glasgow in the center of Rome. It happened around 2.30 am in Viale Giulio Cesare, in the Prati district. On site, in addition to the 118, the carabinieri of the San Pietro company, the Radiomobile and the Investigative Unit for surveys. This is a 20 year old who was transported to the hospital. The responsible is sought. The episode happened a few hours after the match Europa League between the Biancocelesti and the Scottish formation lost by the former for 2 networks to one. On Wednesday evening, on the eve of the match, two other green-and-white fans had been stabbed in the center of the capital.

The stabbing occurred around 2.30, a few hours after the game. The fan was attacked by a man who hit him with a blade in the loin sacral area, then disappeared on a public transport and lost his tracks. On the spot the 118 has intervened that has rescued the wounded in yellow code, in addition to the carabinieri. The soldiers of the Investigative Unit proceeded with the ritual findings.

In the night the policemen of Digos they arrested 12 fans of Lazio for having tried to attack after the game a group of opposing supporters in Piazza Risorgimento, in the San Pietro area. The twelve, that they had fled hiding in palaces in the area, they were traced shortly after.

For them, the Rome prosecutor asked the investigating judge to confirm the arrest. Two remain under house charges of resistance and injury. The other ten, set free because uncensored, remain investigated for resistance. The aggravating circumstance envisaged by the new is contested Security decree relating to sports events.


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