Lazio-Celtic 1-2: Ntcham joke at 95 ', qualification hanging by a thread


ROME – A victory was needed, a defeat came in comeback and in full recovery. A Lazio beautiful in half and reinvigorated by the entry into the second half of an extraordinary Luis Alberto lost in the 95th minute at the Olimpico 2-1 against the Celtic: the biancocelesti start at a thousand and immediately go ahead with Building, then the ingenuity on the defensive lead to a draw Forrest (38 ’) and the signature of the former Genoa player Ntcham that slide Inzaghi to -7 from first place of the Group E occupied by the Scots and -6 from the second occupied by the victorious Cluj of measure on Rennes. Now, for the Europa League round of 32, a miracle will be needed.

Lazio-Celtic 1-2: match report and statistics

Europa League rankings

Forrest replies to Immobile

Luis Alberto on the bench for technical choice, Correa even in the stands for calf discomfort. Lazio shows up at the Olimpico with Immobile –Caicedo and it is the attacking pair that stamps the Biancoceleste advantage as early as the 7th minute: Lazzari opens from the right, the Ecuadorian headers and the striker scores the number 101 goal with a touch of first intention. The very good approach of Inzaghi's team is thwarted by the error in the exit of Milinkovic and from the smooth of Acerbi that actually gives Forrest the 1-1 ball at 38 'with a diagonal that strikes the innocent Strakosha. The Serbian tries to make up for it a little later but is walled by the Celtic goalkeeper, who is saved also in the following double chance with Parolo that the doubling appointment is headed.

Ntcham freezes the Olimpico

The behavior of Celtic during the second half is quite different: Lazio is on the ropes and is crushed in its own half of the pitch even if it is a chance if we see very few. Inzaghi opts for the entrances of Luis Alberto and Lulic who replace Lucas Leiva and Jony, but it is still Milinkovic – of head – to go near the personal signature. Immobile asks for a penalty kick for the touch of hand in the area of Jullien, the referee let the Biancocelesti team run up between the protests that increase in rhythm and quality in a game that at 70 'is already split in two. In the end it is a real siege: still Milinkovic, a pole by Luis Alberto directly from the corner, a violent conclusion of Lazzari from the distance and the right of the neoentrato Berisha. The impact of the Spaniard is devastating, as well as that of Forster who blatantly denies him 2-1. The final prank arrives at 95 'with the goal of former Genoa player Ntcham leading Celtic to the sixteenth.

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