Law 104 and car tax, the exemption for reduced motor skills, with and without vehicle adaptation


Car tax exemption for disabled people is possible only if you find yourself in determined conditions, specifically the precise legislation that can apply for exemption: blind and deaf people; disabled people with mental or mental handicaps who are holders of the accompanying allowance;
disabled persons with severe limitation of their ability to walk or suffering from multiple removals; disabled with reduced or impaired motor skills.

Car tax exemption and reduced motor skills

Let's analyze the questions asked by one of our readers who follows us on WhatsApp: Hi, I'm S., the question I wanted to ask you is: a person with reduced mobility … there is a record of the medical commission. (Not being informed) has already bought a car with automatic transmission. How to do in this case for the exemption stamp given that the documentation requires the registration card with the adaptation of the vehicle while in this case it was bought a ma china with the automatic transmission? Thanks

Vehicle adaptation

Unfortunately, in your case, to have an exemption from car tax you must adapt the car purchased according to the pathology with reduced motor skills. Then, he will have to write down the change made to the vehicle in the booklet.

The vehicle, always within the foreseen displacement limits, must necessarily be equipped with technical adaptation resulting from the registration certificate.

Specifically, the legislation in force and the directives issued by the Ministry of Transport deem suitable the fitting only if they are permanent to the vehicle and that it has a functional connection with the handicap.

The automatic change even if standard product is considered as an adaptation if it is prescribed by the Local Medical Commission responsible for ascertaining suitability for driving and noted on the special license or on the pink sheet.

The adaptations are very many that can be applied to the vehicle, all according to the type of handicap, ranging from grip devices to the steering wheel to light control devices, direction indicators, horn with modified controls, guiding controls for quadriplegics.

The adaptations to the vehicle bodywork, on the other hand, concern the sliding door, the sliding-swivel seat simultaneously, the lifting platform, the retractable slide, the lifting arm.

Modifications must be carried out at authorized workshops and must be tested by the competent Civil Motorization Office, after which the registration certificate is updated.

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