Last night I told her 'Fly my love' and she did it


Today, November 7, 2019, the second book of Nadia Toffa, by title Don't be good. There mom Margherita he gave an exciting interview to the weekly Grazia, in which he told his last wishes concerning the publication and how, in the last period, he had looked at the disease that had struck her as one of the most normal things in the world. A cancer that for two years has not given her respite, yet Nadia Toffa has never lost the desire to preserve her daily routine and to normalize those little moments of sharing with the whole family. Starting with breakfast:

Every morning we woke up and ate breakfast together. She loved dates, almonds and citrus yogurt. Sitting on the couch, he read me the sentences he had written, maybe during the night. He asked me what I thought. They were all beautiful chapters, even the most difficult ones.

The last words exchanged with Nadia

"A symbiotic relationship"With her daughter, this is how Margherita describes the last months of the short life of Nadia Toffa, who strongly wanted to tighten her motherly relationship in a circle marked by sincerity and courage, above all with regard to the illness and health conditions that she was on away they were getting worse: "Yup, we always talked about his death, of how it would have been later. Mom, I have the impression that I am dealing with something much bigger than me". The last words they exchanged would have been during the last tiring night, the one that anticipated Nadia's death and the complete detachment from this Earth and her mother, who remembers her:"Last night, I took the strength and told her: "Fly my love" and she did it".

Bad habits: a glass of wine and a few cigarettes

Nadia Toffa wanted to leave her legacy in a book that contained her last moments of life and so it was. Today his second book comes out and his mother Margherita remembers that her daughter loved her existence until the end, allowing herself a few vices despite the health conditions were not the best: "A glass of red wine at the table and a few cigarettes. Despite all the medicines she was forced to take, the latest analyzes were perfect".

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