Lara Comi's chats with the lawyer: "But can the prosecutors investigate me?"


The last famous words: "Do you think I can investigate?", Asked Lara Comi to her European public funds expert, the lawyer Maria Teresa Bergamaschi, president of the Criminal Chamber of Savona, who replied: «To be able to they can, but it would be crap: in a correct justice they shouldn't, but if they want to damage you for the electoral campaign … ». After just 4 days, however, it turns out that the lawyer, initially on the negative in the first interrogation by heads, when he becomes a suspect on May 13 (and the preliminary investigation is suspended), returns to the Prosecutor's Office on May 14 and delivers its mobile phone containing in memory the chats of Whatsapp that definitively swallow the then still MEP. This spontaneous delivery allows the prosecutors to retain those «documentary proof» messages (on the basis of a Cassation of 2017), and therefore to avoid the risk of uselessness of voice or chat messages otherwise covered by the immunity of the then current MEP in respect of both interceptions and correspondence seizures.

A note from 2018 shows the disputed pattern of corruption to the owner of the chain Tigros, Orrigoni
A note from 2018 shows the disputed pattern of corruption to the owner of the chain Tigros, Orrigoni

«Speak on Telegram»

The already emerged history of the agreement between Nino Caianiello (true Forza Italia representative in Varese) and Giuseppe Zingale (general director of Afol-Metropolitan agency for work) is thus reconstructed so that Afol assigned consultations to Lara Comi's consultant in exchange for the fact that she then receded part of the compensation to Caianiello for the costs of the party in Varese of which Comi was the coordinator. Relegation that takes place by mounting another fictitious consultation, from Comi to Bergamaschi, to disguise 5,000 euros of the 10,000 that must go back, the other 5,000 being regulated by the non-payment of Comi to Bergamaschi of a book on European funds, which Comi pretends to write but which is actually written by Bergamaschi. Thus, for the public prosecutors, the chats where Comi with a smiley "emoticon" anticipates to Bergamaschi that "Zingale will want his Christmas present", alluding to the fact that he wants the part of unlawful demise, weighs heavily. And those where Comi naively announces how he would like to mislead the press and the public prosecutor ("Anyway today I will say that I have never taken 17k (17,000 euros, ed), I have never had consultations with Afol or companies related to me that do not exist …" ), and prudently advise her friend not to telephone ("If they should call you not to answer, then I'll explain"), and to use the "Telegram chat that is more convenient" and allows the immediate destruction of messages. Those, however, then taken by Bergamaschi to the pm.

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