L'Aquila, Ingv: "4.4 magnitude earthquake." Earthquake also felt in Rome


A jolt of earthquake of magnitude 4.4 was recorded by the tools of thenational geophysics institute with its epicenter 5 kilometers southeast of Balsorano, in the province of L'Aquila, at a depth of 14 kilometers. The quake occurred at 6.35 pm and immediately after the population at Avezzano and in some countries of the Marsi it poured into the street. At the moment there are no reported damages to people or things, as confirmed also by the deputy mayor of Balsorano, the fire brigade and the Civil Protection. There shock was also clearly felt a Chieti. Fear in Rome where the earthquake was felt distinctly in different areas of the city: dozens of calls arrived in a few minutes at the single emergency number Nue 112, at the moment no injuries or damages are reported in the capital. The earthquake was also felt a Rieti It is in the Frusinate, but according to some testimonies also in the center of Naples, especially on the upper floors of buildings and in the area of ​​the waterfront. Tomorrow schools will remain closed a Sora, in the province of Frosinone, Balsorano and in eight other municipalities of the Marsi: Morino, Civita D'Antino, Civitella Roveto, Luco, Trasacco, Villavallelonga, San Vincenzo Valle Roveto e Canistro.

The shock was preceded by a night series of minor seismic events between Balsorano and Pescosolido (Frosinone). The strongest, of magnitude 2.8, took place at 1.13 this night, preceded by one of 2.2 – at 22.53 yesterday – and followed by a 2.5 at 4.39 this morning. Earthquakes were distinctly felt on the border between Abruzzo and Lazio. After the 18.35 earthquake, a shock from magnitude 2.2 was received at 6.47 pm in the province of Frosinone, with epicenter a Pescosolido and at a depth of 13 kilometers.

It's a sequence Earthquake different from that of central Italy to have activated the earthquake occurred on the border between Abruzzo is Lazio. "This is another fault system," the seismologist told ANSA Alexander Beloved, of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv). "It is still – he continued – a high area dangerousness Earthquake". In this same area, the earthquake of Avezzano of 1915 and two others major earthquakes historians have occurred in the frusinate in 1654 and further south, towards Molise, in 1349. "In the last hours – he said again seismologist – had registered in the area of seismicity, with some small shocks and now we are seeing small replicas".


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