Lamezia, Effe Collective presents talks with Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli


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Lamezia Terme – A talk was held on November 16 and 17 organized by the photographic collective "Effe" which has been operating for two years in the Calabrian territory with the aim of spreading new photographic languages ​​that conceive photography as a cultural form of expression. Effe Collective (Francesco Sirianni, Domenico Mendicino, Valentina Procopio and Giuseppe Cremona) invites his guests "to participate periodically in meetings that promote the photographic story". The events were held in Lamezia, the Chiostro di San Domenico, on the occasion of the Lamezia International Film Festival, and in Gioiosa Ionica in the Bird Production office. The protagonists are Luca Santese and Marco P. Valli, members of Cesura di Pianello Val Tidone, Piacenza suburbs, and students of the famous photojournalist Alex Majoli (Magnum Photos Agency).

Luca and Marco are the authors of 'Realpolitik', a project that has the purpose, explain in a note “to write with photography a political iconography of the present that refutes and subverts the current logic of the market system on which the politics today, far from feelings and closer to interests. Realpolitik is self-produced by Cesura Publish and has seen the release of five volumes that have as their object portraits of the most influential personalities of contemporary Italian politics. The photographic 'code' used is satirical, obscure, tormented and dystopic. The goal is to react, not to be swallowed up by a system that exploits the image by bending it for its own propaganda strategies that aim to create consents, using the virtual to lure followers. The dark face of the web has the appearance of a comforting scenario, a mask of reality that enhances stereotypes in order to reassure and at the same time extinguish our judgment. Promoting events, like the one organized by Effe, allows us to develop photographic languages ​​out of the traditional schemes and helps not to doze off the continuous research in the construction of an identity capable of capturing the real through critical thinking ".

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