La Stampa – Inter-Conte, a cracked relationship forever: go back …


The analysis of the newspaper on the eve of the challenge against Verona

Statements that leave an indelible mark. Despite yesterday's correction in the press conference, Antonio's words With you after the race against the Borussia Dortmund they weigh in the environment Inter.

"Antonio Conte threw a ball that shattered the window – writes La Stampa – and what's left over has cracked forever. Going back won't be easy, it's not like beating Verona that will solve the problems, but not beating it would complicate things a lot".

At San Siro comes theHellas Verona. The right occasion to dispose of the disappointment of Champions and look ahead: "a cross like a thousand others, except that after the Dortmund Buriana no game will be more like the others. (…) The Nerazzurri need attention to dispose of the disappointment of the Champions League".

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