Kulusevski promoted by the scouts Inter. But the auction for June is around the corner: it starts at 25 million


Inter is serious about Dejan Kulusevski: as we have unveiled to you last October 4 (READ HERE): a growing interest week after week, given the very high return of the Swedish talent fresh from calling with his national team Visited on the occasion of Parma-Genoa and Fiorentina-Parma the 2000 class did not disappoint the expectations of the Nerazzurri scouts, who promoted him with full marks. Excellent relationships and excellent references that convinced Inter to focus on Atalanta school jewelery. More for the summer than for January and for different reasons, but let's go with order. Parma would not want to lose it, but it has no right to the card that belongs entirely to Atalanta who prefers June to monetize to the maximum.

The auction is around the corner, since in addition to Inter also Juventus, Arsenal and Wolverhampton are on the tracks of the number 44 of Parma. 25 million auction base: a sum destined to rise in the summer, perhaps after a European star. Inter that he had already tried to block two years ago Kulu is already careful, even if Conte – who appreciates the boy – would prefer two expert grafts in January and already used to fighting at the highest levels. People at Vidal in midfield or Giroud in front, so to speak. While the orientation of Suning would be aimed at any useful investments for both the present and the future. Target corresponding to the name of Kulusevski. Which line of thought will pass? From the winter moves of the Nerazzurri market, it will be clear who won the tug of war of the market between Antonio Conte and the company.

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