Kouame and De Paul, work on the formulas. Politano possible pawn for Genoa


In the beginning he was just a midfielder, now he thinks of a striker. The strategy to strengthen theInter in the summer it is changing following the course (not too lucky) of the events in attack. "The reflections in this sense, however, were already advanced, given that a profile that satisfies certain characteristics was readily identified – writes today the Corriere dello Sport -. It is about Kouame of Genoa, who will turn barely 22 on December 6th, can do both the first and the second striker, has a leg and is able to "feel" even in the non-possession phase ". The attacker, however," has the contract has recently been renewed and Genoa will not let it go cheap ", although for years there has been an open channel between the two companies." And everything leads us to believe that Preziosi can again meet Marotta and Ausilio on the formula . Already because the deal should be defined as a loan with redemption obligation or simple right, but with a series of conditions to trigger the transfer outright. Moreover, in the Nerazzurri rose there would also be a potential exchange pawn that would be convenient for Genoa and its new coach, Motta. And it's just that Politano that he has just finished in the pits and that, however, with Conte he was finding little space ".

The alternative is Andrea Petagna, "which has different characteristics than Kouame, but still potentially useful to Conte. It would become, in fact, the vice-Lukaku that in pink is missing. The real obstacle, if anything, would be the biancazzurro club, which in full struggle for not relegating would resist to let one of the team's corners start ".

As for the midfield, "full speed ahead for De Paul"that" would come running to Appiano, where, in addition to Conte, he would also find Zanetti, who esteems him, ready to welcome him with open arms. Perhaps Udinese is not in agreement with this, unless at least 30-35 million have ended up on the table, partly because the Argentine has just renewed the contract. As for Kouame, a fundamental condition to close the transaction is the formula: for Inter, it must be a loan with the right of redemption. Marotta and Ausilio also like it Castrovilli of Fiorentina, but the idea prevails that we can only talk about it next summer. Same for Kulusevski of Parma but owned by Atalanta. When the quotations of Matic fell, as well known Conte would be happy to hug again Vidal, but the Chilean does not have the right age for an investment. Unless Barca lets you borrow for 6 months ".

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