Kluivert: "There is great confidence, we can also reach the highest step of the championship"


Justin Kluivert it is no longer just a promise. Since Paulo Fonseca has been at Roma, the Dutchman has become a staple in the advanced department and, despite some sins of youth, continues to show progress in every game. In view of the Parma game, scheduled for Sunday at 6pm, Kluivert spoke to official club channels. Here is a preview of his interview.

Justin, kept the promise so far? How do you rate your season?
"I feel much better. I have more confidence, I'm playing more and the team is doing well, winning. Being part of this group gives me a good feeling ”.

What is its growth due to?
"When I arrived last year, everything was new. An adaptation time is needed for a young soccer player. This year, however, thanks to that experience, I am doing better, but I intend to continue to do more and better and better ”.

How much does Fonseca's gaming system help? It also looks more mature tactically.
"The coach's gaming system helps me a lot, I like it. It allows me to come inside, to play from number ten, sometimes to get bigger and to come and take the ball in space, between the lines. In short, it's a system that I really like and that suits me. "

After the victory of Lecce, in the post-match interview, he declared: "I have to improve in the choices I make on the pitch". Is that the next step to take personally?
"I'm still young so I can improve from every point of view, but on reflection I can probably do better – and I'm trying to do it – in front of goal. Maybe choosing an angle when kicking instead of just preferring power is one of the aspects I'm working on. Overall I would like to make better decisions, try to be cooler in the goal, more calm and quiet. "

The team has also grown with her: good performances and three wins in a row in the championship, which allowed Roma to rise to third place.
"Yes it is beautiful, we are going through a good time. We have won three consecutive league games, we have worked hard to achieve this. At the beginning of the season we all expected to be in the upper parts of the ranking. This year we are very demanding with ourselves and one with the other; this way of acting allows us to get the most out of our team. In the championship we have only lost one game, and now we have to maintain this level. We are a very strong group, a team that if it continues like this, can take away great satisfactions ".

Mister Fonseca managed to find solutions to make up for the many absences of these first months.
"We are a team for this reason, the squad is made up of 22/23 players, but the season is long and everyone needs it. Not only the eleven owners, but also those who go to the bench and in the stands, make their contribution. And it's nice because even those who play less know that they can enter and decide the game. In this sense there is a very nice team spirit and now that we are having a good time, it is really a pleasure to be part of this team. We look forward to playing the next game, this is the feeling I feel ”.

Speaking of performance and a good game: the goals from Udine and the first against Napoli seem to be the football manifesto conceived by Fonseca.
"Yes, it's true. They are the best expression of the football we are practicing, the way we attack, to fight back. My goal against Udinese is the example. We are a team with very fast, fast, very technical players at the center of the field. Even Zaniolo's goal was very nice, born from an action started from behind, crowned by his beautiful shot. We have players of high caliber in the team, we can take away a lot of satisfaction ”.

Is it necessary to have continuity to get rid of satisfaction?
"Continuity is fundamental, everyone can experience a short period of brilliance but to be a great team, to be remembered, to win something important, you need to maintain this level for a long time and above all never set limits. At this moment what I see and feel in the team is this conviction, in our mind we know we can reach the top. Why not, even on the top step. It is a feeling that I feel clear. Sometimes, in the teams you can feel if there is this self-confidence or not, and it seems to me right now the team is experiencing just that. If you believe in something, everything is possible ".

Sunday trip to Parma, an important race to continue the road taken. What game do you expect?
"It will be a difficult match against Parma, it is a good team, just look at the excellent results they have achieved against the great teams, they really did very well. I saw the match against Fiorentina a bit, there are very agile players, the attackers are really fast. It is a team that scores with ease, but overall it is the Serie A that is like that. Every game is a final and that's what makes it special. I therefore expect a good game that we absolutely want to win and we will try to the end ".

It will be an important championship round also for what happens outside the field. It will return to play in Serie A after the bad episode of Verona, with the racists being sent to Balotelli by some Verona fans.
"It's really a shame that in Italy right now we talk a little too often about these repeating episodes. It is something unacceptable. One thing is the sporting, footballing rivalry between opposing fans. Another thing is to address racial offenses to an opponent. It is unacceptable and in some ways even stupid, probably those who do it do not realize how the insult is perceived by the person who becomes the object. The hope is that all together we can stop and eradicate this plague ”.

What are your goals for this season?
"I want to become important for this team. Everyone's goal is to win this game; at the moment we occupy the third place, it's very nice, but the rivals that follow us are really very close … for us it will be another final. We will have to help each other as we have done so far, but I have a lot of faith in this team. "

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