Kawasaki is green, in every sense!


In addition to the 2020 news, Kawasaki will be showing the EV Project, an electric motorcycle with some very interesting technical solutions, at the Milan Show. First of all it is not just a "show piece" but the bike is fully functional and has already been tested for a long time on the road. Unlike most other electric bikes then the EV Project has a chain drive instead of a belt drive and a 4-speed gearbox (plus the idler). The decision to equip the gearbox bike was taken to offer customers an electric experience much more similar to that offered by traditional motorcycles.

No information has been released regarding the batteries and the engine of the bike, we only know that the EV Project will be comparable in performance to a "traditional" medium-displacement motorcycle, a Ninja 650 to stay in the Kawasaki house.

This is a project that Kawasaki has been working on for some years and it certainly does not represent the latest innovations of the Akashi House in the field of electricity (we do not see, for example, the removable battery system). What Kawasaki wants to communicate with this prototype is the clear intention to enter the world of electric motorcycles. We are sure that soon we will see a truly … green Kawasaki!

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