Kate Middleton pregnant: the definitive test by William


Kate Middleton is pregnant. The royal watchers are sure that the definitive proof would come from William. For some time now there has been talk of a fourth pregnancy for the Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of George, Charlotte and Louis.

Apparently Kate and William they have no intention of stopping and would be ready to have another child. Self Kensington Palace has never confirmed the indiscretion, there are many indications that suggest a new pregnancy: the gesture of Middleton of always touch your belly, a new haircut and the presence of a doctor in Pakistan.

The last test however seems to reveal once and for all the arrival of a quarter Royal Baby. Providing it was William himself who claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge will not accompany her husband on his journey to discover Kuwait and Oman. If a few weeks ago Kate agreed to go to Pakistan this time will stay in London, officially to rest before the Christmas holidays.

In reality, real gossip experts are convinced that this renunciation hides something else and that it is the definitive proof that Kate is pregnant. As is known, in fact, Kate suffers from hyperemesis gravidarum, a disorder, characterized by nausea, which had put her to the test during all her pregnancies.

Now that Middleton is expecting the fourth child, the problems caused by hyperemesis would force her to stay at home and look at herself. William therefore will start alone December 1 and will return on the 4th as announced in an official statement in which the name of the duchess does not appear.

There Duchess of Cambridge is she really pregnant? Kate has never hidden her love for children and now that Louis has grown into a fourth pregnancy it cannot be excluded. Meanwhile, fans of the Royal Family dream big, hoping that Meghan is pregnant at the same time.

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