Kate Middleton, Camilla, the queen and Meghan in a separate balcony


There Royal family to complete for the traditional commemoration ceremony for the end of World War I. On the balcony, the queen and the other royal women; men instead in military uniform participated in the parade. To pull the strings of the Remembrance Day 2019 was for the third time on Prince Charles, increasingly "shadow king". Elizabeth II, as we said, looked from above at the firstborn to lay down the traditional crown at the Cenotaph of Whitehall, in memory of all the war dead.

Overlooking the balcony, to the sides of the sovereign, too Kate Middleton is Camilla, with the usual black dress and red poppy of order. A "disposition" that anticipates what will be: Carlo's second wife, future queen consort, and immediately afterwards his wife William, second in line of succession to the throne. However, the most careful real observers immediately noticed another detail: The absence of Meghan Markle. The former American actress has found a place, in fact, in a separate balcony.

"Why isn't the Duchess of Sussex?", many have immediately asked themselves via social media. And there are those who thought of the recent internal diatribes in the royal family, of the documentary in which Harry admitted that he had turned away from his brother: "We are on two different paths". But the reason is simpler than expected: we must respect the usual protocol that regulates the "disposition" of the real members on the basis of the order of succession to the throne. And if Kate, in fact, is the wife of the second heir (and the mother of the third), Meghan is "only" the wife of the sixth.

At the side of Archie's mother he found a place Sophie of Wessex, the one who is by all accounts the "favorite" of His Majesty, but is still the wife of Elizabeth's youngest son. Furthermore, the balconies of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office building are very small, there is only space for three people. A situation completely different from Buckingham Palace, when the whole royal family has enough space to be together on the same balcony, as at events like Trooping the Color.

On the other hand, even if No Reservations there have been or continue to be – among the royal brothers-in-law, with dad Carlo or any other member of the Windsors – Remembrance Day is a too solemn occasion in the United Kingdom to allow personal glimpses to be glimpsed.

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