Juventus, Sarri speaks after the victory against Milan


Maurizio Sarri, coach of Juventus, spoke to the microphones of Sky Sports to comment on the victory gained by 1-0 with the Milan. These are his words released immediately after the game.

Sarri after Juventus-Milan

"Today I liked that we were even willing to suffer, we have to do better with regards to the construction, at the beginning we gave banal balls. The desire to win and to sacrifice was expressed in an important way and this is not a thing for everyone. The Milan he pulled into the goal, but almost always from outside the air, we played a good game on the defensive, Milan played the best game of the season tonight. Higuain? It is fundamental for us, even if it marks less than usual, it is important because it dialogues with the comrades, always willing to assist and sacrifices itself.

Ronaldo? It is not a problem, indeed. We must thank him because he made himself available and played in less than optimal physical conditions, I removed him because it seemed to me that he was not very well. He played despite not being in very good condition, if he gets angry because it comes out it is normal, everyone does it, especially him who had made sacrifices to be there. It is not age its problem, he had a little problem with his knee, since then he has had a little resentment to the collateral, when he plays or trains at high intensity he experiences knee pains, it is a small ailment that is affecting him.

When you play 7 games in 20 days it is obvious that you don't get brilliant, even mentally speaking. There is unloading arriving, so we must win in any way. The team is doing everything to improve, we have many steps to take. You cannot have control of the game without high pressure, especially if you play against teams that are good at dribbling and with great quality. Stiamo we are improving. "

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