Juventus, Sarri: "Ronaldo to be evaluated, Bonucci irreplaceable"


TORINO"Milan is a good team, which did not make a good initial phase of the season. In a single game it can make a good race, so we have to play with a different defensive intensity, being in the field in a different way than the last game" are the words of Maurizio Sarri in a press conference on the eve of the match between Juventus is Milan, the postponement of Sunday evening that will close the twelfth day of the Serie A championship. The Juventus coach said, on the conditions of Cristiano Ronaldo: "Ronaldo how are you? I don't know yet, because yesterday he was with the physiotherapists and we will see today and tomorrow in the last training session how he is. He has nothing serious, just a small pain in the knee that slightly unbalances him in the supports during the game".

Sarri at a press conference

"Ramsey has important technical qualities and can do both the roles I ask. He can be a modern attacking midfielder, but also a modern interior. From inside he can be an offensive midfielder, as an attacking midfielder he can also give cover. we will see in today's training what a reaction it will be " Sarri's statements on Ramsey. On the chaos in the Naples home: "I had no idea. I know the environment and I know it is a problem that must be solved by yourself. I do not presume to think how it could be solved. There are people of great depth, a mister and a president, who will know how to handle it". A comment on the Juventus team: "The limit is that the team is still unable to close the games. The strength, however, is that until the end we go in search of victory and often we succeed. The votes were very unpleasant to me, so I would gladly do without them ".

Sarri: "The team needs Bonucci"

Sarri: the words about Bonucci, De Ligt and Rabiot

The technician of the Juve also spoke of some singles: "De Ligt? We have two training sessions, let's see. Yesterday he did some pretty positive field tests. Today try to stay with the team and see the reaction ". Then, come on Bonucci is rabiot: "Bonucci is essential, if the team could do without it I would have let it rest. He is asked for a huge sacrifice, I hope to be able to make it rest in the future as soon as possible but in this first phase it was decisive. Rabiot in the future I see him more as a low vertex than as a playmaker. I didn't want to confuse his ideas, so I put him to specialize in a single role. When he masters this role I will try it in other positions".

Sarri: "Naples? They will be able to solve problems"

Juve: Sarri on Higuain, role of playmaker and Inter

On Higuain: "Milan will also have the poisoned tooth with him. That Gonzalo needs strong motivations to make the story say so. He is well physically and mentally and is giving us a lot from the point of view of the game and creating situations. It can do something more from the realization point of view ". "In the task of playmaker, there is also the ability to move in external positions. We need a playmaker to balance us right now. From a tactical point of view, Bernardeschi's performance was underestimated"explained Sarri on the role of the trequartista. Finally, on the" problems "of theInter: "Any type of problem can also have positive implications. A beautiful situation can cement the groups, so it is not said that what is seen as negative from the outside is really so. To say that Inter have problems, after 28 points in 11 games, seems a bit excessive. Sounds like a good team to me ".

Sarri: "Excessive to say that Inter has problems"

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