Juventus, Sarri: "Ronaldo is an immense resource, goal anxiety is positive"


TURIN – Five days after getting the mathematical first place in the Champions League group round, Sarri's Juventus is preparing to return to the field against De Zerbi's Sassuolo. A complicated match for the bianconeri, who will host a team "with higher numbers than the ranking". Alex Sandro's recovery is the first positive news for the Tuscan coach, who dismisses the trident hypothesis – "not applicable at the moment if not in some clips" – but cementing the hierarchies in attack: "Cristiano is not part of normal shifts. I think and I hope that Ronaldo will win, if it is not so I am sorry ". Maurizio Sarri, how are Alex Sandro and Bernardeschi?
"Alex Sandro did all the training with the team yesterday, so from a medical point of view he is fine. You have to understand the physical condition, but he is certainly available. Bernardeschi is fine, he is a player who is very much at the moment useful to the team because it guarantees defensive work. It has great technical qualities so it is asked for more because it could have a greater impact ".
Ronaldo instead? Does it give you a headache having to handle the three strong attackers you have available?
"Headache comes to those who have three poor strikers, to us not. Cristiano is an immense resource, in the last game he did well in terms of resistance, I saw that in the final he ran to lend a hand on defense. growing in terms of brilliance but it is a fairly normal thing. We have three players of an enormous potential that we are alternating, so one always expects a lot from them. Yesterday Cristiano did a good training, a little apart and a little with the team. Last night I saw the data and did a remarkable workout. "
Does Ronaldo have a little anxiety about finding the goal again?
"These players who are used to scoring always have the anxiety of scoring goals, they are used to finding the net very frequently, so they are surprised when they don't find it for a few games. It applies to Ronaldo as to all the other great players. to have a large number of nets, so it is normal to have some anxiety and I think it is also a good thing that he has some because it gives him motivation ".
How is Emre Can? Can it be an option for tomorrow?
"It may be because he doesn't play for list reasons in Europe. If there are the conditions he is made to play like success in Lecce."
Can Ronaldo stay out for a technical reason and not just a physical one? Aren't you afraid that other attackers get nervous because they perform well but stay out?
"The situation has been described so clearly in the beginning that there is no possibility that a player gets nervous. Clearly Ronaldo is something different, needless to think that all players are equal. These guys have shown that in the moment in which they accept the situation I am able to do well. I do not see a problem from this point of view ".
De Ligt has grown so much in recent matches, especially since Barzagli's arrival in the technical staff. A coincidence?
"It is clear that Barzagli is a resource. He can teach a lot from the point of view of individual and collective tactics, on the field we cannot work very much because we play every three days. But if it takes a quarter of an hour to see a video with Barzagli it is clear that interesting things may come out. Beyond this, it is adapting to the way we play in our league in a fairly obvious way ".
In defense expected turnover?
"We see the overall situation of those who may need to rest. Cuadrado is fresh, Alex Sandro is in recovery. Then we evaluate the power plants, if anyone has come out worse."
Have you got to try all three strikers together in training?
"We had very little time to express by playing every three days. To play all three together is problematic, because we need a central and two external striker and it is not our case. So it is not easy for the characteristics of the three, then it is clear that in the moments of need will be done ".
Does Emre Can have to think that the other midfielders are strong or are there other ratings?
"Other evaluations depend on whether the players manage to give you what you ask them and if by features they are suitable. The assessments can change every six months, if the choices I made went in that direction is because the other players have adapted faster".
Is there a risk of underestimating Sassuolo?
"The game is very dangerous, it comes at a time when we have spent so much from the mental point of view. It is not easy because Sassuolo has more numbers than what the ranking says. Even on the road it is a team that goes to the shooting range. De Zerbi is young but strong, even in England I said I would bet on him as a new emerging coach. He has great ideas and I am sure he will become a great coach ".
It seems that the Golden Ball will win Messi, does Ronaldo deserve more respect and can Dybala win it?
"I think and I hope that Ronaldo wins, if it is not so I am sorry. I hope that De Ligt can contend for the victory for the youngsters and I hope that Dybala will be able to play the victory in the future. journalists, they are worth little ".

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