Juventus, Paratici: "That's why in the summer of 2018 Higuain left"



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Juventus, Paratici: "That's why in the summer of 2018 Higuain left"

The sports director of Juventus Fabio Paratici talked to the microphones of Sky Sports before the match against Milan: "Few goals? There are also periods of the season where we can analyze these things. We have shot a lot on goal, the important thing is to create opportunities then the goals will come".

"He has always been one of the first three strikers in the world, he is doing what we expect from him and we are happy. He is a very good boy as well as being a great player. He just needs to continue like this".

Higuain showed great attachment to Juventus. In the summer he never took offers into consideration.
"There are market opportunities both inbound and outbound. Gonzalo was planning to stay here. At the end of the previous season he was not so convinced of himself, from there came the decision to give it to Milan. This year he was convinced to stay and we have decided to confirm it ".

Has Cuadrado renewed?
"It is not yet fully completed but we are very close".

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First Marotta, then Barella: yesterday Inter responded twice to Conte (who is in an iron barrel). But in the viewfinder there was above all the market: in January Ausilio will have to 'raise the revs of the engine' "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100

First floor

Juve, Cuadrado will not go away at zero. Paratici: "Very close to renewal" "align =" left "width =" 100 "height =" 100 Juan Cuadrado one step away from renewing the contract. The confirmation came, just a few minutes after the start of Juventus-Milan, directly from the Juventus manager Fabio Paratici: "It is not yet fully completed but we are very close," he said. The Colombian side is currently tied …

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