Juventus-Milan: Rossoneri on the hunt for an epic feat




Juventus-Milan, Di Stefano: "Donnarumma cannot be ruled out in black and white"

Juventus-Milan, Theo Hernandez: "We must fight to win"

Juventus-Milan, Pjanic: "We remain focused: we don't give up anything"

Juventus-Milan, Paratici: "Higuain one of the top three strikers in the world"

Juventus-Milan, Marocchi: "I would never have given up on Kessie"

Parisi: "Milan, why Ibrahimovic? To get eighth instead of thirteenth? "

Juventus-Milan, the official formations: the choices of Sarri and Pioli

Towards Juventus-Milan, the numbers of Higuain with and against the Rossoneri

Towards Juventus-Milan, the numbers of Bonucci in the Rossoneri

Towards Juventus-Milan, here are the numbers of Dybala against the Rossoneri

Towards Juventus-Milan, the common destiny of Conti and Caldara

Towards Juventus-Milan, Calhanoglu: what numbers in the Pioli management!

Towards Juventus-Milan, here is the record of the Rossoneri at home "Juventus"

Towards Juventus-Milan, the Rossoneri are the best defense in Serie A in the first half hour

Towards Juventus-Milan: here are the precedents of the two teams at "Stadium"

Juventus-Milan, here are 8 facts about the match

Towards Juventus-Milan, this is how long the Rossoneri's negative streak lasts

The opinion – "Milan, Pioli has experience. If he won against Juventus … "

Towards Juventus-Milan, the tactical analysis of the Allianz Stadium match

To Juventus-Milan, Theo Hernandez: "The match, Forza Milan!"

Towards Juventus-Milan, the images of the Rossoneri awakening

Milan, the memory of the match won against Juventus in January 2010

Pioli, the 3-man defense is an opportunity: but with Juve no revolution

Juventus-Milan, Sarri's 23 players called up: De Ligt recovered

Calciomercato Milan – Piatek the future is played: return to Genoa?

Juventus-Milan, probable formations: Bernardeschi trequartista

Pioli, Juventus is a taboo: 14 defeats in 17 previous matches

Kessie case: during the week there seems to have been a dispute with Pioli

Juventus-Milan, Kessie to the end credits: little commitment, not called up

Juventus-Milan, the former with alternate fates: from Bonucci to Higuain and Caldara

Juventus-Milan, the most beautiful choreographies of the Curva Sud

Juventus-Milan, the 5 most beautiful and exciting red and black victories


Towards Juventus-Milan, Battistini: "The Rossoneri will need a perfect match"

Milan Top News: Pioli's words on Juventus, excluding Kessie from the squad

Towards Juventus-Milan, Gregucci: "Hard to make a comparison today"

Orlando: "Juventus-Milan? The bianconeri will win easily "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Nocerino: "That's what the two teams have in common"

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Cristiano Ronaldo? Among the best ever "

Juventus-Milan between field and market: the bianconeri courted by the Devil

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Conti? He must be better at a mental level "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Piatek? We must exalt him "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: “Rafael Leao? He did not enter with the right spirit "

Towards Juventus-Milan: the images of the Rossoneri departing for Turin

Towards Juventus-Milan: Bonucci and Higuain, we never loved each other

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "We are not immature: here experienced professionals"

To Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "I believe that intensity makes the difference"

Juventus-Milan, no revolution: Pioli continues with 4-3-3

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Bianconeri complete: few weak points"

To Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Fans, keep supporting us like this"

VIDEO – Towards Juventus-Milan: the most important double doubles

Towards Juventus-Milan: Ricardo Rodriguez ready to return to the race

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Ibrahimovic? Great player and professional "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: “Difesa a tre? It is an opportunity "

Towards Juventus-Milan: Kessie, the indiscretions on the non-convocation

Towards Juventus-Milan, Sarri: "Higuain with the poisoned tooth? And viceversa!"

Towards Juventus-Milan, Kessie out: sale at the gates for the Ivorian?

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "Very difficult challenge: ready to fight"

Towards Juventus-Milan, Sarri: "Rossoneri with good young and potential"

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli: "We far from them? Matches start at 0-0 "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Kessie and Borini absent from the squad: the reason

Towards Juventus-Milan: the Rossoneri squad of Mr. Pioli

TV GUIDE – Juventus-Milan: live on Sky Sport, matchday on Milan TV

Towards Juventus-Milan: the precedents of the two teams with Maresca

Berlusconi: "Milan was a great love: never look back"

Towards Juventus-Milan: the precedents between the two teams in Serie A

Towards Juventus-Milan: Pioli's statements at a press conference

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan 1998-1999: the success signed Weah

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan, probable formation: Pioli thinks of 3-4-2-1

New stadium, Sala: "Sesto San Giovanni is not a bugbear"

Suso, appeal to the fans: "I ask for patience: we will reverse the negative trend"

New stadium, the yes of the Municipality is similar to a no: frost of Milan and Inter

Towards Juventus-Milan, the probable line-ups: Krunic-Paqueta ballot

Capello: "Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao are players from Milan"

Suso: "Company changes have affected, but with Elliott we are calm"

Capello: "Milan? The choices of some players turned out to be wrong "

Suso: "Do I always play with the left? Here is my answer "

Milan, Suso assures: "Soon you will see the best Suso"

Suso: "Tifo Milan and I'll give everything. Yield? I suffer from pubalgia ”

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan 2003/2004: Seedorf's victory

Towards Juventus-Milan, Pioli thinks of a tactical turn



VIDEO – Juventus-Milan, Gazidis: "We will play a great game"

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan: the series of Bianconeri victories starts with Marchisio

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan and more: curiosities on the 12th matchday of Serie A

Theo Hernandez to Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter: "See you"

Nocerino: "In Juventus only Donnarumma and Romagnoli would play"

Juventus-Milan, Douglas Costa: "The Rossoneri always deserve respect"

Milan on social media – Photos of today's training for Juventus

Juventus-Milan is also Higuain against Piatek: crossed and different destinies

Battistini: "Juventus clearly favored, a perfect Milan is needed"

Juventus-Milan: Pioli thinks of 3-4-2-1 with some doubts in midfield

Towards Juventus-Milan, De Ligt increasingly closer to recovery

Towards Juventus-Milan – Ronaldo, a differentiated job for him

Euro 2020, the squad of Italy: there are two Milan players

Juventus-Milan, Legrottaglie: "It will not be easy for the Bianconeri to win"

Juventus-Milan, Damiani: "The gap between the two teams is abysmal"

Towards Juventus-Milan – Milanello, here's the training account

Suso: "Just the whistles of the fans. Future? I like staying at Milan ”

Milan, what a bad goal! 10 fewer networks than last year

Juventus-Milan, Ronaldo's knee does not worry: he will be there

Juventus-Milan – Suso, talisman and quality: Pioli relies on Spanish

Juventus-Milan, confirmation for Bennacer: definitively exceeded Biglia?

Towards Juventus-Milan, Tacconi: "Match from a fixed one"

Milan, Suso: “I could go away for two years in a row. Fans, trust me "

PM – Massaro: "Juventus-Milan? Matches that give great motivation "

Juventus-Milan, Virdis: “Pioli must create a positive environment. Su Piatek .. "

Milan, Gazidis and its line: "We work to return to Europe and make history"

PM – Massaro: "Difesa Juventus? Chiellini's loss is important "



Towards Juventus-Milan: Donnarumma and goalkeeper training

PM – Baresi: "Cristiano Ronaldo? It should be treated as Maradona "

Towards Juventus-Milan: the conditions of Ronaldo and De Ligt

Calciomercato – "Ibrahimovic returns to Milan", shocking revelation of the MLS owner

Milan, Bennacer prodigal son: Boban and Pioli show him the right path

Milan, against Juventus, will have the highest share ever in its history

Calciomercato Milan – Xhaka new name for January

Towards Juventus-Milan, today's training report at Milanello

Juventus-Milan, Musacchio's recovery is difficult: Duarte will still be there

Juventus, Rabiot: "It is a difficult match against Milan, but we can beat them"

Towards Juventus-Milan, Calabria-Conti ballot for Pioli

Juventus-Milan, Bennacer: "In Turin to win. I feel similar to Verratti "

Towards Juventus-Milan: the story of the two draws of 1996

Krunic: "I want to continue playing the title. With Lazio I was afraid … "

Juventus-Milan, the Rossoneri look for the first point at the Stadium

Towards Juventus-Milan, De Ligt is optimistic about his recovery

Bennacer: "Milan was the best choice for my career"

To Juventus-Milan, Krunic: "It can be the turning point race"

Krunic exalts Bennacer: "He is a very strong player"

Towards Juventus-Milan, the probable line-ups: Krunic-Kessie ballot

Juventus-Milan, Maresca will arbitrate the match in Turin

Towards Juventus-Milan, the probable formations: Piatek favored on Leao

Krunic: "Sorry for Giampaolo, but Pioli is better suited to us"

Krunic: "With Pioli we are more determined. Champions? We believe in it "

Towards Juventus-Milan, Musacchio's recovery is difficult

Bennacer: "Biglia? Here's what he told me after Fiorentina "

Bennacer: "Pioli? Compared to Giampaolo he is more aggressive "

Bennacer: "Studio Pirlo to grow up. Juve? We can beat it "


Stefano Pioli's team played a double session at Milanello ahead of the match against the bianconeri. Suso has trained regularly in groups and is therefore recovered, an opposite speech for Musacchio, who has still worked separately. Tomorrow only one afternoon session.

Juventus-Milan, Calhanoglu and Bennacer warned

To Juventus-Milan, Sarri: "Ronaldo has a knee discomfort"

Towards Juventus-Milan: problem or solution? Suso, now it's your turn

Towards Juventus-Milan, Paqueta expected of the qualitative leap: it requires concreteness

Towards Juventus-Milan: Suso recovered, Musacchio has little hope

Towards Juventus-Milan: double session for the Rossoneri team

Towards Juventus-Milan: Piatek returns to the Stadium with a great desire to shoot

Towards Juventus-Milan: Pioli, three years at Juventus as a footballer

VIDEO – Towards Juventus-Milan: the probable formation of the Rossoneri

EXCLUSIVE – Serena: “Juventus-Milan, little chance. But you can see Pioli's hand "

VIDEO – Towards Juventus-Milan, 10 curiosities in 90 seconds

Towards Juventus-Milan: Rebic, if you're there beat a beat

"Semper Milan", presentation at the Mondadori Megastore with Boban and Gazidis

Milan bench, the background: Gazidis wanted Puel, but Maldini and Boban …

Maldini: “I played eight Champions finals, but remember Istanbul. On Athens … "

Milan, who struggles to score: Piatek latita, Leao must mature

Towards Juventus-Milan, Musacchio's recovery is difficult

Towards Juventus-Milan, Suso trains regularly in a group

Milan, failing to enter the Champions League would be a blow to the accounts

Milan, the Champions have been missing for too long: the downturn begins in 2014

Milan, without Europe, is a disaster: the gap with the other teams is increasing



Milan Top News: Suso trains with the team, exclusive to comedian Franz

Teotino: "Milan makes very few goals. On Rebic … "

Theo Hernandez supports Castillejo: "Illusion, work and commitment"

Suma: "Calendars? It is not the first time that Milan is penalized "

Is Milan tired of Theo Hernandez? From Spain they raise and he answers

Milan, Suso is back: the Spaniard wants to win back his fans

Towards Juventus-Milan, Romagnoli: "We work hard"

Towards Juventus-Milan, images of today's training for the Rossoneri

Juventus-Milan, begins the preparation of the match at Milanello

Towards Juventus-Milan: Suso trains regularly in a group

Milan, the background: the team wanted the return of Gattuso (Telelombardia)

Serie A – Theo Hernandez amazes everyone: the statistical data on the fullback

Juventus-Milan, Rebic warms the engine: the Croatian has a great chance

Milan, officially started the path of Krunic in Rossoneri

Filippo Galli: "Playing at San Siro is not easy, experience is needed"

Di Gennaro: "Milan has spent too much on the market"

Serie A – Sporting Judge, Bennacer enters into formal notice

Milan, Bennacer is a perfectionist: rising prices

Milan by Pioli on the brink of heavy injuries and a tough schedule

Milan, Theo Hernandez did not miss a match

Milan, Rebic is a puzzle: so far capable of affecting

Towards Juventus-Milan, Romagnoli plays the position: "All together"

Milan now runs, but not enough: Pioli does not admit more errors

Milan, Duarte disappointing in the last game: it looks rough

Milan, Rafael Leao is in confusion: wrong attitude

Milan, Paqueta and Piatek are not offering the expected return

Costacurta: "New stadium, I agree with Milan and Inter" (VIDEO)

Milan, Calhanoglu knew how to turn whistles into applause

New stadium, Sala: "No to pressures for hotels, offices and shopping centers"

VIDEO – Scaroni: "The new stadium is urgent. I would like more enthusiasm "

Milan, already 2 goals in 8 Serie A matches for Theo Hernandez

Milan, Scaroni insists: "New stadium immediately: it will be the most beautiful in the world"

Milan, almost 50% of goals scored come from the attackers

Towards Juventus-Milan: fantasista alarm, Castillejo out and Suso in doubt

Milan, always open door since there is Pioli

Milan, only 2 strikers' goals on action in 11 Serie A matches

Towards Juventus-Milan, Sabatini: "Black moment, but team not in disarray"

Capello: "Milan, lacking players of great talent and personality"

Towards Juventus-Milan: Castillejo risks a month off

Milan, many goals collected: 60% in the last half hour of play

From Giampaolo to Pioli: Milan improved in the game, worse in the results

Milan, start shock in Serie A: it hadn't happened for 78 years



Milan Top News: post Lazio sensations, problems for the new stadium

Milan, Bennacer on Instagram: "We continue to work"

Serie A League, the Pioli replica after the complaints about calendars

Milan-Lazio, Castillejo what a pity! Half an hour played on excellent levels

Milan-Lazio, Calhanoglu: "I'm sure we'll get back together"

Dunga: "Paqueta? He can't solve Milan's problems. On his role … "

Krunic, the first good (as a starter): the Bosnian deserves more space

Eranio: "Rebic? Overweight of 4 kg, Borini would have been more ready "

Milan, SOS defense: there is a problem on the right. And if you always play 3?

PM – Castillejo, here is the outcome of today's exams after yesterday's injury

Milan TV week between Hell on Monday and Juventus-Milan

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan story: Rossoneri without success at the Stadium

Rafael Leao betrays Pioli and Milan: from Mbappe to Niang the pace is short

San Siro, Scaroni: "Restructured provision: a new stadium is needed"

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan, the probable line-ups: confirmations for Krunic and Bennacer

Milan, only 5 assists in 11 Serie A matches: relegation step

Milan, merciless statistics: a goal arrives every 5 shots on goal

Milan top scorer: Piatek is the Rossoneri top scorer

Milan, what a disaster: you are the sixth worst attack in Serie A

Bennacer, go on like this: Milan must focus on the young Algerian

VIDEO – Juventus-Milan: the preview of the match at the Stadium

Milan, 6 defeats in 11 races: never so bad after the war!

Milan, Hernandez scooter: the best red and black reinforcement

Milan on TV, the guide: here are the matches on Sky or DAZN and how to see them

Altafini: "Milan, there is a curse. I'd send everyone to a shrine "

Towards Juventus-Milan: Musacchio still in doubt

Juventus-Milan, today instrumental exams for Suso: negative feelings

New stadium, Sala: "We will deal with Milan and Inter: today impossible conditions"

Milan, the feeling is that Pioli is on the right track

Towards Juventus-Milan, possible starting chance for Rebic

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NEWS MILANSunday 10 November, at 8:45 pm, play Juventus-Milan all 'Allianz Stadium of turin: for the Milan of Stefano Pioli, fresh from k.o. internal against Lazio (1-2), not exactly the best game to raise your head in the league, where it has already collected 6 defeats in 11 races. The Devil, however, he will try to hit the leaders at home! Follow with ‘PianetaMilan.it‘The approach of Alessio Romagnoli and companions in the match against the bianconeri trained by Maurizio Sarri.

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