Juventus-Milan 1-0: Ronaldo does not run, Rossoneri are growing but Dybala decides


It is now a trademark. The last quarter of an hour has become the Juventus area. It also happens against Milan, at the end of a match that the bianconeri win without shining, with the strength of patience and a formidable bench, especially without being Ronaldo employees anymore. Dybala enters just for the bruised and furious CR7 and after receiving the usual precious ball from the altruist Higuain disrupts the balance of a challenge destined for 0-0, allowing the Bianconeri to overtake Inter again and stop by before the class.

There is no trace of sarrism in the queen. Juve wins almost by inertia, certainly without enchanting. Sarri has many problems to solve, from the lack of fluidity of the game, to the involution of several key men, up to the whistles to Bernardeschi and to the anger of Ronaldo. The Lady has learned to win without the Portuguese lighthouse, it happens for the second time in a row after Moscow and it is a signal. Dybala covers the flaws, but the true savior of the Juventus homeland is Szczesny, reactive from start to finish: 7 his parades. Milan returns home with the second, bitter, consecutive defeat and a ranking to cry. But it's the best game of the new course. The Devil puts all he has in his heart and soul, even a certain organization, showing tactical progress and closing in on the attack. To be reborn it would require a greater coldness in the goal. And some better players. Just think of the technical difference between the two teams, never so obvious. The whole Juve bench would be in Milan and this explains well where the Devil crashed.

Juventus tries to make the game, but plays under rhythm and makes too many mistakes to worry Milan who is low, but rises gradually. Pioli system Suso and Calhanoglu tightened behind Piatek, trying to tighten the lines and make density in the middle of the field. Conti and Theo Hernandez try to exploit the bands without compromising the team balance. Juve seems tired and is a bit superficial. As usual, Pjanic touches a thousand balls without illuminating the scene, Bernardeschi is lost between the lines, Bentancur and Matuidi do not fit very much, the result at the interval is the Stadium whistles. Already at the break, the best of the Sarrians is Szczesny with three parades, the most difficult on the header at the crossroads signed by Paqueta. Piatek fires blanks, devouring his head after just 17 minutes the most tempting chance of the match. Donnarumma, on the other front, is called to a single intervention on the close-up shot of the former poisoned Higuain, one of the most lively in the field.

In the first quarter of an hour of the second half Sarri draws from the bench. First he replaces Ronaldo with Dybala and then Bernardeschi, whistled, with the arrow Douglas Costa. And the goal comes with Dybala's lethal razor jumping like a Romagnoli skittle. Milan is not there. Szczesny saved everything (3 times in 9 'on Calhanoglu) and put the record in the safe. Pioli remains on the right side of the standings, 11 points away from the Champions zone. But perhaps, there at the bottom of the well, something is moving.

10 November 2019 (modified 10 November 2019 | 23:16)


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