Juventus, Kluivert stings De Ligt: "I think he has regretted his choice a little …"


There is a very close relationship between Barcelona and the Netherlands, which is footballing. All thanks to an extraordinary footballer, who arrived in Catalonia and changed the way of thinking and kicking around the Camp Nou. Many years have passed since Johan Cruijff revolutionized the Blaugrana world, yet the love between Catalans and tulips shows no sign of ending. And between field and society, orange is quite the master. Not for nothing the new head of the cantera, a place of enormous responsibility in Barcelona, ​​is Patrick Kluivert. A great ex, who first represented Barca on the pitch and now does it from behind a desk.

DE JONG – The former Ajax and Milan striker speaks to Mundo Deportivo and says his opinion on some compatriots. First of all on Frenkie de Jong, who in the summer has made a common path for many Dutch people: from Ajax to Barca. The midfielder, after a not easy start, is doing well and Kluivert underlines: "First of all I can say that he is very happy. And then when I see him play it seems like he's been here for years. But I already knew that he was a great quality footballer and he is proving it, both with the Dutch national team and with Barca. He is happy and it shows how he plays, I am happy to see him like this ”.

DE LIGT – Another Dutchman who could keep De Jong company is De Ligt. The defender has long been an objective of the blaugrana, but in the end he preferred to marry Juventus. All this despite Kluivert's attempts to bring him to the Camp Nou too. "I wouldn't say I tried to convince him, but I just told him very good things about both Barcelona as a city and the club. But in the end they are the players and their prosecutors who choose ". A choice that according to the former striker is a source of regret for the defender … "Obviously De Ligt is a great defender, but in the end he decided that. And I think he has regretted it a little, but it went like this. In life, choices are made, sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong. And you have to learn from your decisions. " The history of the fox and the grapes?

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