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Report cards of Juventus-Milan 1-0



22.43 Thank you for joining us and continuing the evening. A sporting greeting.

22.42 So Juventus are back on top with 32 points, +1 on Inter. Now the Serie A stops for the commitments of the national teams involved in qualifying for the 2020 European Championships.

22.41 Sarri, once again, must thank the quality of a bench unmatched in Italy. Dybala and Douglas Costa gave the decisive shock. In the next few days, however, the Cristiano Ronaldo case will mount, visibly upset after being replaced by Dybala and returned directly to the locker room.

22.40 The best Milan of the season comes out of the Allianz Stadium with a handful of flies. The Rossoneri have built more chances than the hosts, supported by the quality of the midfield (Bennacer's great game). The Devil has paid the usual cynicism of the Old Lady.

22.39 Juventus have won 10 games in this league, 9 of them with just one goal difference.

There is no more time to beat the corner! It ends here: JUVENTUS-MILAN 1-0!

94 ′ MIRACULOUS DONNARUMMA ON DYBALA! Hernandez loses the ball, Dybala pounces on the ball, Romagnoli bets and throws a right towards the crossing of the poles. Fly Donnarumma and put in corner.

93 ′ Douglas Costa tip Bennacer, the Algerian does not blow.

93 ′ Szczesny exits and blocks Suso's cross.

92 tagliato Hernandez cross cut, Alex Sandro takes refuge in the corner.

Double yellow for Milan. To Calhanoglu for a foul on Alex Sandro and Suso for protests.

4 minutes of recovery.

90 ′ Bentancur breaks on the right wing, enters the area and serves Higuain who is a little taller! JUVENTUS NEAR THE DOUBLING!

89 ′ Hernandez stretches Dybala and comes admonished. Here Juventus can breathe, gaining precious seconds.

88 ′ Milan's pressure continues.

87 ′ Leao receives the ball and puts a low cross into the small area. Decisive closure of Rabiot. Then Bennacer kicks high from the edge.

87 ′ Bennacer's cross, rejects Alex Sandro head on.

86 ′ Calhanoglu cross cut, De Ligt anticipates Duarte head first. angle.

86 'Foul on the left of Bentancur on Calhanoglu. Insidious punishment, you can cross.

86 ′ Last change, Pioli plays the Rebic card instead of Paqueta.

85 ′ Milan pushes for a draw.

84 ′ SZCZESNY! Miracle on the right to flight from the Calhanoglu limit! The Pole flies and puts the ball in a corner.

84 ′ Suso kicks left from the edge, De Ligt pushes back with his thigh.

83 ′ Juventus that took confidence after the goal of the advantage, while Milan seems discouraged.

82 ′ Duarte closes on Higuain, Juventus corner, which once again was saved thanks to the quality of the bench.

81 ′ DOUGLAS COSTA SOWS THE PANIC! Skip Conti first and then Paqueta! Then it is not clear in the exchange with Dybala.

81 ′ Long launch for Higuain, anticipated by Duarte.

80 'Right from the edge of Calhanoglu, Szczesny crashes to the ground.

79 ′ Theo Hernandez's cross, rejects Bonucci. Juventus who struck at the best moment of Milan.


77 ' GOOOOOOLL !!! JUVENTUS IN ADVANTAGE, DYBALA! Douglas Costa focuses and creates a break, Higuain serves Dybala with an assist at the kiss. The Argentine with a fake Romagnoli jumps and the right one makes Donnarumma dry diagonally!

76 ′ RABIOT ERRORACCIO! The French missed a control, but Bonaventura lacked an easy assist in depth for Leao and Szczesny blocked in the exit.

75 ′ CALHANOGLU CENTRAL BARREL! Szczesny is not surprised and fists with his fists!

74 ′ Milan much more perky at this stage. Pjanic's foul on Bennacer, punishment about 25-28 meters from the goal. Calhanoglu can try.

73 ′ Bonucci also fails to find Douglas Costa.

72 ′ Unwrapped Bennacer long throw for Suso. One of the few mistakes of the Algerian tonight.

72 ′ Closing in slide of Conti on Higuain.

71 'Paqueta intercepts a passage from Cuadrado, Milan starts again.

70 ′ Matuidi can't do it, he comes out suffering. In its place comes Rabiot. Sarri has therefore completed the changes.

69 ′ Matuidi on the ground in pain from a blow to the side.

68 ′ Bennacer loses a bloody ball, Juventus counterattack and Dybala's left-footed shot blocked by Donnarumma.

68 ′ Milan are not content with the draw, the Devil dreams of the coup and continues to attack.

67 ′ Change in Milan: Piatek comes out, Leao enters.

66 ′ JUVENTUS OPPORTUNITY! Douglas Costa receives the ball in the area, he serves Matuidi back who shoots right up.

66 ′ Second time objectively dull and without emotions.

65 ′ Cuadrado points Calhanoglu in the right lane and takes the ball to the bottom.

64 ′ Very positive so far the performance of Conti.

63 ′ Milan returns to take possession of the ball, a little coordinated pressing for Juventus.

62 ′ Suso's cross, ball at the bottom. Minutes pass, score does not unlock. JUVENTUS-MILAN 0-0.

61 ′ Enter Bonaventura, Krunic comes out. Sarri responds by inserting Douglas Costa for Bernardeschi, whistled.

60 ′ He prepares to enter Douglas Costa.

59 ′ Very open game, Milan believes it, but Juventus is trying to accelerate.

58 ′ PIATEK! The Pole receives the ball in the area and shoots right! Szczesny keeps a good watch!

57 ' Cuadrado admonished for delaying Milan's throw-in.

57 ′ THAT SHINE! Long shot by Bennacer for Piatek, Szczesny leaves the area and anticipates the head polish!

56 ′ Dybala immediately serves Higuain in depth, who kicks right into the bottom in split.

56 ′ CRISTIANO RONALDO EXIT! Second consecutive substitution for an off CR7 after the one in the Champions League. In its place comes Dybala. The Portuguese does not sit on the bench and returns directly to the locker room. To say that he is not happy is a euphemism …

55 ′ Bonucci anticipates Piatek, then launches along Bernardeschi, who brings the ball to the bottom.

54 ′ MATUIDI VERY CLOSE TO THE GOAL! Bernardeschi cuts centrally and serves Matuidi: right to turn the Frenchman from the edge and a ball that touches the post!

53 ′ Milan which has now dropped a lot and is waiting for the bianconeri.

52 ′ Higuain's rapid counter-foot, which serves Bernardeschi on the trocar. The Italian kicks badly on the bottom.

51 ′ Piatek goes in progression on the left wing, Cuadrado marks it and puts it out of play.

51 ′ Cross from the trocar of Calhanoglu, it easily blocks Szczesny.

50 ′ So many mistakes for Matuidi, that makes the ball uproot by an excellent Bennacer. The Algerian is enjoying himself very much in directing and in interdiction.

49 ′ Conti is making a great impression, winning another duel in one against one with Cristiano Ronaldo.

48 ′ Cuadrado's central cue that sees Higuain cut in the area, ball too long, from the back.

47 ′ Dybala goes to warm up, welcomed by the audience's applause.

46 ′ Krunic's insidious back pass, Romagnoli puts a patch, pressed by Higuain and Ronaldo.

START RECOVERY! Kick-off for Milan, which attacks from left to right.

21.48 The players of Milan are already on the pitch, late for those of Juventus.

21.47 There are no changes for both teams at the moment.

21.46 Dybala appears rather upset for the umpteenth bench. The Argentine is dark in the face, and goes to sit down almost reluctantly.

21.44 The teams are about to make their return to the field.

21.43 It is the Juventus bench that could change the inertia of this match. Names like Douglas Costa, Ramsey, Rabiot and Dybala put Milan in fear.

21.33 Milan played better than Juventus in the first half, with personality. Excellent director Bennacer, well supported by Krunic and Paqueta: the ‘polite feet’ midfield works. Suso, very active, has often created headaches for the Old Lady. Sarri's men appeared slow, contracted and without ideas, starting with an unrecognizable Cristiano Ronaldo.

The first half ends: JUVENTUS-MILAN 0-0. We hear some whistle from the Juventus fans.

46 ′ STILL MILAN! Piatek shoots deep, receives the ball in the area and kicks it diagonally! Szczesny keeps a good watch on the first post and fists off.

1 minute of recovery.

45 ' Bennacer warned after a detention on Higuain.

45 ′ THEO HERNANDEZ! Left insidious from 35 meters, Szczesny lays back and waits!

44 ′ Long launch of Paqueta for Piatek, Szczesny exits and blocks to the ground.

43 ′ Right from the edge of Cristiano Ronaldo, central conclusion and blocked without worries by Donnarumma.

42 ′ Matuidi goes away to Conti on the left, then crosses very badly with his left foot.

41 ′ Krunic's foul foul slipped on Bernardeschi. Yellow card.

40 ′ Paqueta anticipates Matuidi, then he is fouled by the French. Milan's Juventus better in this first leg.

39 ′ Punishment from the trocar beaten by Suso, De Ligt heads away.

38 ′ As already happened also in the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo decidedly understated so far.

37 ′ Called by Bernardeschi for CR7, Bennacer understands everything and intercepts.

36 ′ Ronaldo always goes looking for the ball far back, almost in midfield. This is not a danger for Milan.

35 ′ Alex Sandro anticipated by Suso, Milan counter-attack. Too long Calhanoglu's assist for Piatek, Szczesny blocks.

34 ′ Bentancur gets up again, he should be able to continue.

33 ′ Bentancur remains on the ground in pain from a blow to his right knee immediately after a contrast with Suso.

33 ′ Pjanic's launch too long for Bernardeschi.

32 ′ Cross di Suso, rejects Bernardeschi of head. Then Hernandez kicks out from far away.

31 ′ Calhanoglu's shot deflected, a corner for Milan after a very fast counterattack launched by Hernandez.

31 ' IT SHAKES ITSELF BERNARDESCHI! It is centered taking a walk three opponents and kicks left from the edge of the area. The ball touches the crossing of the poles!

30 ′ Not well Bernardeschi until now, he can't create havoc on the trocar.

29 ′ Bentancur crosses from the right, Romagnoli still anticipates Ronaldo.

29 ′ So far two chances for Milan and one for Juventus.

28 ′ A very short Milan at this stage, which offers no glimpses. Ronaldo jumps deep, but is offside.

27 ′ Juventus that seems surprised by Milan's impact on this match.

26 ′ Hernandez loses a bad ball on the baseline, Higuain crosses in the middle, then drooling from the edge of Pjanic which clearly comes out.

25 ' MIRACLE OF SZCZESNY! Bennacer fishing Counts in area, which with the right plate serves the flight Paqueta. The Brazilian player puts it at the crossroads, the Polish goalkeeper flies like a spider and saves the Bianconeri for a corner!

24 ′ Very low rhythms, which abyss compared to the Premier League. If we think of Liverpool-Manchester City …

23 ′ Milan are playing the game, now Juventus is waiting and trying to start off guard. Good dribble for the Rossoneri with Paqueta, Bennacer and Krunic.

22 ′ Exchange in the strait between Higuain and CR7, still a good diagonal of Conti.

21 ′ Milan continues to push, Calhanoglu's cross, rejects De Ligt.

20 ′ Milan's extended ball possession, then Matuidi anticipates Paqueta at the edge of the area.

19 ′ Bennacer stops Cristiano Ronaldo's cross from the left. Very mobile CR7, which until now has not found the right position on the front of attack.

18 ′ Juventus is slowly going up with blows, Milan tries to respond by challenging opponents openly.

17 ' MILAN NEAR THE GOAL! Left cross from the trocar of Suso! Piatek, badly marked, jumps all alone in the area and puts it on the bottom! Serious mistake for a bomber like the Pole.

16 ′ Romagnoli anticipates Bonucci with his head.

15 ′ Another corner earned by Juventus.

15 ′ Pjanic's insidious cross, CR7 misses the head deflection by a whisker.

14 ' DONNARUMMA! CR7 fishing Higuain in area! The Argentine, pressed by Duarte, controls and goes to the right-footed shot from a tight angle. Donnarumma with his feet rejects in a corner!

14 ′ Bernardeschi leaves on the left, then Conti recovers and stops him.

13 ′ Paqueta uproots the balloon to CR7 and dumps back to Duarte.

12 ′ Krunic spread from Cuadrado, punishment. Buon Milan, Juventus that confirms the difficulties highlighted in the Champions League with a slow and predictable maneuver.

11 ′ Conti wins a duel with Matuidi. Pioli is trying to recover a long-lost full-back.

11 ′ Cuadrado long throw-in directly into the area, Romagnoli clears his head.

10 ′ Pjanic anticipates Calhanoglu and avoids a dangerous counterattack.

9 ′ Contrast airplane between Cuadrado and Hernandez, remittance for the hosts.

8 ′ Bernardeschi serves Higuain in depth. The Argentine receives in the area and on the right side looks for the passage for Cristiano Ronaldo, anticipated by Conti's diagonal.

8 ′ Few emotions in this game start, very closed teams.

7 ′ Ronaldo receives the ball on the right, it is centered but goes to bottle and loses the ball.

7 ′ So much ball round by Juventus, without ever looking for verticalization.

6 ′ Higuain goes to annoy Romagnoli, forced to postpone a throw-in.

5 ′ Intense press of the Rossoneri, Bernardeschi caught offside.

4 ′ Good start for Milan, who approached the game with personality.

3 ′ One-two between Krunic and Piatek, providential closure in the Bentancur area.

3 ′ Contrast between Krunic and Bentancur, the Milan midfielder falls, all regular.

2 ′ Pjanic's very long cross, ending even in a lineout.

2 ′ Deep launch for Bernardeschi, Romagnoli anticipates him and puts the ball in a corner.

1 ′ Bernardeschi immediately tries to move between the lines, Cuadrado carries the ball on the right wing, then dumps back.

JUVENTUS-MILAN STARTED! The kick-off is the bianconeri, who attack from left to right.

20.44 Exchange of pennants between the captains.

20.42 Juventus and Milan make their entry into the field while the hosts' national anthem plays.

20.40 The teams are in the tunnel, waiting to enter the field. The tension grows …

20.38 Dybala made Milan in Serie A, five of these goals came in as many home matches against the Rossoneri. The Argentine, however, will leave the bench today.

20.35 Milan have already lost six times this season. Thus he never started from the Second World War, to be precise from 1941-1942.

20.33 Juventus have won eight out of nine games in this league with just one goal difference.

20.31 Since Juventus-Milan played at the Allianz Stadium, the hosts have always won (eight times out of eight), though scoring an average of 2.1 goals per game.

20.29 Milan are the team that have beaten Juventus in Serie A several times, 49. 54 draws and 65 Juventus wins in previous matches.

20.27 After finishing in the stands against Lokomotiv Moscow, today Federico Bernardeschi plays a lot starting as a starter behind Cristiano Ronaldo and Higuain. The blue feels breath on the neck of Douglas Costa, the challenge solver in Russia …

20.25 Twenty minutes at the start of the game.

20.21 Audience of great occasions at the Allianz Stadium in Turin where the public will push Juventus, 90 minutes of fire are waiting for us to close the twelfth day of the Serie A, the last before the stop for the Nationals.

20.19 The Mian will also need a great defense: Conti, Duarte, Romagnoli, Hernandez will have to be good at closing the spaces to the bianconeri.

20.17 Stefano Pioli has collected just four points since sitting on Milan's bench, having run into two defeats (the last against Lazio) and won only against SPAL. A prompt reaction is urgent.

20.15 Maurizio Sarri bet on Alex Sandro and Cuadrado as fullbacks ready to look for incursions, de Ligt is recovered in the middle to support Bonucci. The keys of the midfield are in the hands of Pjanic flanked by Bentancur and Matuidi.

20.13 Juventus has decided to rely on the attack tandem composed by Cristiano Ronaldo and the former Gonzalo Higuain with Federico Bernardeschi on the frontline while Milan will respond with three forwards: Suso, Piatek, Calhanoglu will they be able to make themselves heard up front?

20.11 The bianconeri will start with all the favors of the prediction but beware of the Rossoneri's desire for revenge in a great classic of Italian football.

20.09 Milan have rested for the whole week, last week they lost at home to Lazio in Serie A.

20.07 Juventus are fresh from the victory in the Lokomotiv Moscow den, which earned them qualification for the Champions League knockout rounds, while last week they beat Torino in the derby.

20.05 Milan have only collected four points in their last four games and it is in great difficulty, the Rossoneri are stationed mid-table and desperately need points.

20.03 Juventus must win to return to the top of the standings with a point ahead of Inter, given that at the moment they are chasing after -2 after the painful victory of the Nerazzurri in yesterday's match against Verona.

20.00 Forty-five minutes at the start of the game.

19:57 Let's review the starting line-up for Milan, Stefano Pioli's eleven men.


Donnarumma; Conti, Duarte, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Paqueta, Bennacer, Krunic; Suso, Piatek, Calhanoglu.

19.52 Here is the formation of Juventus, the 11 men of Maurizio Sarri.


Szczesny; Alex Sandro, De Ligt, Bonucci, Cuadrado; Matuidi, Pjanic, Bentancur; Bernardeschi; Cristiano Ronaldo-Higuain.

7.47 pm Play at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, the game will start at 8.45 pm.

7.45 pm Good evening and welcome to LIVE LIVE of Juventus-Milan, match valid for the 12th day of Serie A.

The probable lineups of Juventus-Milan – The Juventus-Milan program

Good evening and welcome back to LIVE LIVE of Juventus-Milan, Sunday postponement of the 12th round of the Serie A soccer championship. All 'Allianz Stadium a great ranking of our championship is staged and the stakes are high.

The bianconeri will have to answer to Inter of Antonio Conte, victorious in comeback against Verona at San Siro. The Old Lady, in fact, to confirm herself at the top of the ranking will have to overcome the Rossoneri. The champions of Italy have the right to do so. The technical difference, looking at the squad at the disposal of the two technicians, is clearly the prerogative of the hosts. Maurizio Sarri he can count on several options, but he also has to look after the available energies, given that Juventus is back from the challenging Champions League trip to Moscow against Lokomotiv, worth the qualification to the round of 16.

For his part, Stefano Pioli will have no choice but to rely on the great motivations that such a game brings. The coach, recently on the Milanese bench, has not yet found the squaring of the circle and Milan still appears to be a very unbalanced team, which concedes too much especially in defense. It will then be a special match for Leonardo Bonucci and Gonzalo Higuain who, in a more or less fleeting manner, wore the Lombard club shirt, only to return "to the fold". Observed special, needless to say, it should be Cristiano Ronaldo, even if the physical conditions do not seem to be the best.

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE of Juventus-Milan, Sunday postponement of the 12th round of the Serie A soccer championship: real-time news and constant updates. It starts at 8.45pm. Have fun! (Photo: LaPresse)

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