"Juve with more quality, but Inter is tough and gives you little"


Ivan Juric, Verona coach, also arrives in the San Siro press room to comment on the outcome of the match against Inter. These are his words, reported by FcInterNews.it present with your correspondent:

There is so much bitterness in Verona at home.

"We prepared the match like this, being lower. We did quite well for a long time, we wanted to get up in the second half. We missed the restarts, we didn't take advantage of the spaces".

How is Zaccagni?

"It's a change not due to physical problems".

Did you think of changing Salcedo?

"Yes, but I had only one change and I wanted to see if anyone could make it".

Differences between Juve and Inter?

"With Juve we tried to take them higher. Juve has great technical qualities, Inter is tougher even though they don't have the quality of Juve. They give you little, they are on the piece".

In the second half more merits than Inter or could you play higher?
We suffered the last 15 minutes accepting the one on one, but in those situations we must steal the ball and we couldn't.

Does Salcedo see it more first tip or outside in the future?

"He is in the development phase, he can also do the playmaker and the central point. Support for a boy of his age".

How do you judge the midfielders?

"I expect a lot more, with teams like that. I didn't mind but we could have done better."

FcIN – How was your goal born? A counterattack started from the defense, how much is prepared and why was it impossible to repeat afterwards?

"We made a lot of mistakes because on the first pressing we could not keep the ball. They are lowered like this, they give you a moment to start fast again. Then we failed to pick them up again in the second half."

Defense prepared?

"We wanted to do it this way, Inter have players physically superior to ours and therefore we didn't want to give the midfielder entries. This was the idea, then when you see Inter, they understand that they don't worry, they have other weapons."


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