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Ugly Juve, splendid Douglas Costa. That Brazilian masterpiece goal in his team's game has nothing to do with it. Like an edelweiss in the Sahara, a pearl in a pond, a Picasso hanging on the wall of a closet. It all happens in the minutes of recovery. Douglas takes the ball on the left, starts like lightning towards the center, he will jump five of Russians before scoring. The first victim is Ignatyev, the second Murilo, the third HOwedes, now halfway along the line of the penalty area, touches the ball to Higuain asking for the triangle that gets Corluka and Rybus, another poisonous touch, outside and ball between the legs of Guilherme. Goal, fear driven out, victory, Qualification-record, shirt that flies by air. A player like that changes the games, Juve changes, and makes football a pleasure.The race says instead that Lokomotiv deserves to win because it goes much closer than the bianconeri, because he believes in it, he plays better, he produces opportunities that he however makes mistakes and for this, if in the end he loses, he must regret himself. Juve qualify for the first knockout round with two rounds to spare, a record for Sarri since neither Conte nor Allegri ever succeeded. Not only that, for Sarri he continues unbeaten on the continent: with this victory there are 20 games that he does not lose between Champions and Europa League. In Moscow, however, there is little Juve and there is nothing about his football. The team is never too confident on defense, never overbearing in attack. The first of Ramsey in the Champions League is unconvincing, as is Rabiot's game. The Lokomotiv with Rybus, Joao Mario and Miranchuk is definitely better.

DUCK-GOL. We start with a gift of Guilherme, the goalkeeper of Lokomotiv. Not a mistake, but a real duck. The ram of Zhemaletdinov to rabiot becomes a very lateral punishment, about thirty meters from the Russian door. Obviously there goes Ronaldo, dry shot, but not very powerful and above all central. Guilherme para. Indeed no. The para but with the ball running away between his legs, Ramsey arrives and touches her while she is crossing the white line. So he takes away the goal and the record of the 34th Champions League victim to Cristiano. Curiosity: it is the number 300 network in the Champions League of Juventus, the fifth club to reach this figure after Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Monaco and Manchester United. Less than 4 minutes have passed, Juventus is one step away from the second round.

RIGHT SIDE MOLLE. Or rather, she would be almost qualified if she didn't think she already was, with so little effort. Slow down, almost falls asleep and on his right side, poorly manned by Khedira and Danilo, Lokomotiv begins to break through. Joao Mario is not that of Inter, he is a real player that Semin uses as a left-wing exterior in front of a full-back, Rybus, who pushes and attacks with the right timing. From an initiative of theirs, the goal of the draw is born: Khedira and Danilo lose their time and leave Rybus free to cross, Bonucci is overcome by the trajectory of the ball that Miranchuk turns his head to the post, the ball bounces in the small area and again Miranchuk rebuts it on the net. It is not enough. Also from that side and again from a Rybus cross, a wonderful double opportunity was born for Miranchuk himself, not as precise as a few minutes before.

LITTLE JUVE, UNCERTAINED BACK. Juve plays at too low a pace and there is no choral participation in the defensive phase. Ronaldo, as is known, is not interested in law … institutional (but then he should do more), Higuain almost, while Ramsey, unlike Bernardeschi, leads (should bring …) a little more quality, but takes away the race, especially backwards. So when the Lokomotiv starts again, it always finds the space using Eder as a bank and pushing hard to the left. Juve gives a strange feeling, that of being able to take goals every time the Russians attack it. In front he has only one real chance to score the 2-0, with a stupendous launch of Khedira shot on the fly by Higuain and rejected with a decisive intervention by Guilherme, in partial redemption of what happened at the beginning of the first half.

ONLY DOUGLAS. In the second half the danger of the Russians is accentuated. Joao Mario has two chances to score the goal of the advantage, with the first he misses the choice (Krychowiak should be free in the area) and the aim (shooting in the curve), with the second he does not center only for the rebound on the goal line of Bonucci. Juve has no push, it has no rhythm, it has no dribble. Sarri's five changes compared to the long-suffering race of the first leg (Danilo for Cuadrado, Rugani for De Ligt, Rabiot for his compatriot Matuidi, Ramsey for Bentancur and Higuain for Dybala) do not bring advantages, on the contrary. Lokomotiv convinces much more. Then Sarri tries with the changes. First he removes Ramsey to let Bentancur, then Khedira to give space to Douglas Costa and finally Ronaldo comes out (but we don't think Sarri's decision is to his liking) for Dybala. Cristiano was not replaced in a Champions League match since February 2016 when he played in Real (game against Roma) and before 85 'from October 2014 against Liverpool. Moreover with the Juventus in the Champions League group stage the Portuguese has an average of 0.2 goals per game (2 goals in 9), with that of Real always in the group stage the average was 1.1 (55 in 49 ). The difference can be seen and felt.


Lokomotiv Moscow-Juventus 1-2
Markers: p.t 3 'Ransey (J), 12' Miranchuk (L), 48 's.t. Douglas Costa (J)
Assist: 48 's.t. Higuain (J)
Lokomotiv Moscow (4-4-2)Guilherme; Ignatiev, Hoewedes, Corluka, Rybus; Zhemaletdinov (36 's.t. Murilo), Krychowiak, Barinov, Joao Mario (40' s.t. Kolomeytsev); Miranchuk, Eder. To avail. Kochenkov, Zhivoglyadov, Idowu, Magkeev, Tugarev. All. Semin.

Juventus (4-3-1-2): Szczesny; De Sciglio, Bonucci, Rugani, Alex Sandro; Khedira (25 's.t. Douglas Costa), Pjanic, Rabiot; Ramsey (19 's.t. Bentancur); Higuain, Ronaldo (36 's.t. Dybala). To avail. Buffon, De Sciglio, Demiral, Matuidi. Herds Sarri.
Referee: Buquet (France)
Ammonites: 39 'p.t. Bonucci (J), 38 's.t. Rybus (L), 48 's.t. Douglas Costa (J)

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