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On the eve of Juventus-Milan, Maurizio Sarri returns to the press conference to take stock of the conditions of the Bianconeri, a step away from closing the third cycle of the season. These are the themes touched on by Sarri.MILAN – "Milan is a good team that has not made a good initial phase of the season, but this counts up to a certain point because it remains a good team that can make a good match. We have to make a different defensive phase, compared to the last game. Milan is rebuilding itself, in soccer there are cycles, to get back to winning in a short time is very difficult for everyone, it seems to me that the bases are throwing them but I don't know how long it will take to get back to the highest levels "

RONALDO – "I still don't know how he is. Yesterday he was with physiotherapists, we see today and tomorrow what he can do. I know for sure that he has nothing serious, only a small pain in his knee that unbalances him during the game "

DE LIGT – "Yesterday he trained, seems to be recovering, let's see how he will react to future training"

RAMSEY – "He has important technical qualities, he can play both midfielder and playmaker, depending on how we want to play the role of trequartista. In a solid midfield he can do the inside quietly, so it would be offensive, as an attacking midfielder he guarantees us balance "

BONUCCI – "If I thought the team could do without it quietly, I would have made him rest. Right now I think we need him and so I asked him for a huge sacrifice. In this phase it was crucial for us and our balances "

DOUGLAS COSTA – "He can also be free as an attacking midfielder, in Moscow, seeing that in the center there was traffic he moved to the wings and did it wellis. In the task of that role there is also the task of knowing how to move by external means. We are not a team that today can afford a classic trequartista "

BERNARDESCHI – "In my opinion, Bernardeschi's performance was underestimated from a tactical point of view"

HIGUAIN – "He needs strong motivations to do his best, it is clear and his story tells it. He is well physically and mentally, it is at a time when he can give us so much and he is giving us so much from the point of view of the game. In my opinion it can give more from the realization point of view"

WITHDRAWAL – "We are not going to retreat if the game is at home. The reason is obvious, if you manage to take some mental and nervous energy out of retreats, I think it is better. It is optional and often several players are however in withdrawal "

DIESEL – "It depends on how you look at the situation, it is a limit or a force. It is a limit that the team cannot disintegrate the games, the strength is that until the end we try to win often by finding it. Limit mentality, strength of character"

VOTE – "I was disliked by the professors who gave the vows to me, I would avoid giving them to the team"

NAPLES – "I didn't get an idea, I know the environment well and therefore I don't presume to understand what happened. There are very important people like Ancelotti and Giuntoli who will surely manage the situation"

RABIOT – "In the future I see it from the top down in front of the defense, for now I didn't want to confuse him in this acclimatization phase and I wanted to specialize him in a role "

INTER – "Sometimes the discussions cement the group. But Inter looks like a healthy team to me, it has 28 points in 11 games"

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