Juve, Pogba comes out of the closet. So Paratici can take it back


Paul Pogba came out of the closet. His desire to return to Juventus has long been known, but the last post on social media in response to Leonardo Bonucci after the Champions League success once again makes the concept clear. The octopus wants to return to Turin and in the chat that brings together the historic group of Juve players, including some ex, his speeches leave no doubt that, were it for him, he would complete the reverse route from Manchester to Turin even immediately. The greeting to the captain on twitter and instagram represents yet another clue, but already at the beginning of the summer, before the "silence" on his hypothetical farewell to Manchester United, it had emerged that Pogba had also sent signals to Maurizio Sarri. At the same time yesterday the Juventus people on social media made it clear that the prodigal son who had returned "to his home" after an unforgettable three-year Juventus, would be welcomed with open arms by all the Juventus supporters. The interest is mutual.

Besides the player, Juventus could of course decide to bring him back to Turin. Certainly the operation is not easy and Manchester United, which in the summer had set a price of no less than 150 million euros, is currently in a rather delicate situation. Difficult to think that the club wants to drop a lot from that evaluation, but it should also be noted that falling to 120 million would still make a substantial capital gain, around 100 since now Pogba is at the fourth of 5 years of contract.

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