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If Juventus play tonight as they did in Moscow on Wednesday, not only will they not win, but they will seriously risk losing their first game in the season and leaving the lead in the standings at Inter di Conte. Although it is quite bad in tools, the Milan it is not Lokomotiv and Pioli is starting to give an identity to the team. On the contrary, Juve has almost always and almost everywhere struggled against any opponent. Ronaldo is not well or otherwise is not fit and struggles to overcome the direct opponent. The man in the least could be against a waiting and restarting team.Fossi in Sarri I would not curse the fate if, for physical reasons and in particular because of a pain to the knee, the Portuguese champion jumped the race: today Higuain and Dybala are better than him and deserve to play both. More: the two move guided by perfect agreement and have a game idea closer to Sarri than Ronaldo has.

An example that I hope will suit. Everyone will have seen the acrobatic goal scored by Douglas Costa Wednesday evening, which allowed Juventus to qualify two days early in the eighth Champions League. In his extraordinary personal action, the Brazilian just entered the area asks and gets a quick exchange to Higuain. Here, if instead of the Argentine there was Ronaldo Juve would not have won. Because he, far from returning the ball to his partner, the Portuguese would have checked, he would have turned and would have concluded on goal.

Today Ronaldo, while remaining the best Juventus player, is not Juventus. And less than ever embodies the prototype of a footballer who would like Sarri. Yet the very idea that Ronaldo does not play for a technical choice is considered sacrilegious. The only hope for Juve is that he does not make it and is forced to surrender at least temporarily.

But why do I say that Milan could produce a surprise result? Essentially for three direct or indirect reasons.
1) the 3-4-3 renouncement that Pioli has in mind and that he should propose again after the break.
2) Juve's tiredness in producing an acceptable game.
3) the probability that after many statistically positive results something goes wrong for the bianconeri.

Juve are winning too many games at the end and with results of measurement and its overall performance is often below the sufficiency. Sarri has not yet had a decisive impact and the individual solutions make up for a lack of play that, before anything else, can be seen in the difficulty of dribbling and controlling the game. The team plays genuinely badly and to date has been rewarded beyond its actual merits.

On the other side there is a Milan that has nothing to lose because a lot has already been thrown away. Today it is comparable to a provincial team – like Verona or Genoa – that goes to play it at the top of the league for miraculous show. Everything is still immersed in a disarming mediocrity that suggests that the flowering of a remarkable performance is in the natural order of events. Maybe for the pride, maybe for the inspiration of some performers so far hidden. And because Milan is not a team that can always lose. And because Milan, compared to Juventus, had a week to prepare for the challenge and has no toxins in their legs.

The only perplexity is Pioli's renunciation of Kessie for reasons that seem more disciplinary than technical. Despite being in an unhappy period, his presence would have added inches and pounds to a midfield that seems fragile and unaccustomed to catching the ball. However Milan can make a perfect match precisely because it is in the presence of Juve: a giant with at least one foot of clay.


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