Juve-Milan 1-0: Sarri takes off Ronaldo, Dybala decides


TURIN – A flash of Dybala at 13 'from the end raises the Juve at the top of the rankings and condemns a Milan alive, leaving the Stadium without points but with some more certainty. A success all signed Sarri, which directs the tender by replacing Ronaldo (visibly upset) with the Argentine striker starting second half. It's the winning move, which breaks the balance and leaves the first great sign of the coach after his first months at Juventus.


Pioli's strategy against Sarri

Apart from Chiellini, Sarri has all Juve's complete. Ronaldo and De Ligt recovered, Bentancur preferred to Khedira in the middle of the field and Bernardeschi on the frontline. Compared to the line-up that he lost to Lazio, Pioli instead changes two: out of Calabria and Castillejo, inside Conti and Suso. A very tight and short team to leave little room for Juventus maneuver and put great pressure on the ball carriers. A strategy that works, also because Juve remains low and does not have that ferocity that Sarri would like.

Szczesny saves on Paqueta

The result is a very blocked first time, which lives on flames. At 15 'Ronaldo serves Higuain in a secluded position, Donnarumma is alert and with his feet deflects for a corner. 1 'later, on Suso's cross from the right, Piatek is free in the area but his header does not frame the goal. However, the best chance happens to Paqueta: on 25 'Szczesny flies under the crossbar to fend off the Brazilian's header. Juve, very staid, responds to the half-hour with a left high on the crossbar by Bernardeschi. Milan are better, with two conclusions by Theo Hernandez and Piatek that engage Szczesny in the first half final.

Ronaldo leaves, Dybala solves

The recovery starts at the same pace and Sarri made the decisive move in the 10th minute. Outside Ronaldo (already replaced in Moscow) and inside Dybala, with the Portuguese leaving the field disappointed, he says a few words towards the bench and quickly returns to the locker room. Pioli responds with Bonaventura for Krunic. Shortly afterwards also Douglas Costa, Leao and Rabiot for Bernardeschi, Piatek and Matuidi. Juve continues to suffer, but on 32 'comes the flash that illuminates the Stadium and stretches Milan: beautiful phrasing on the edge of the area between Douglas Costa, Higuain and Dybala, who right-footed Donnarumma. Sarri rejoices, Inter is behind it again.


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