Juve-Milan 1-0, not Ronaldo's evening: disappointed for the change and leaving the stadium before the end


TORINO Despite the big face of the Joker on the flag of the Milan curve, not a joke: Cristiano Ronaldo, that is, the one who on the lawn should look like a Marvel superhero, is replaced at 55 minutes and goes straight into the locker room with a grim air, muttering something towards the Park bench. For the exit time trial, we are on the record side, and for the second consecutive time, even if in Moscow it was changed in the final (but with the result still in the balance). After which, as far as the Portuguese was combining, Maurizio Sarri was certainly not the fault of heresy. Indeed, he fished the wildcard: Dybala, who with a dribble from number 10 (on Romagnoli) and the coldness of the striker (in front of Donnarumma), took the night.

Since CR7 has stepped off the lawn, never before, the investigation into the motive for substitution began: whether the squeaky knee or those technical and tactical reasons that are always good for mortals, not for a Martian. The fact is that Ronaldo, seeing his number on the exchange board, headed straight for the tunnel, saying two little words to Sarri and giving an elusive five to Dybala. That, indeed, decides the duel, nightmare of the Devil. The Portuguese had the face of the worst occasions: a modality compatible both with the disappointment for the substitution and with the pain in the knee. But he did not like it clear, given that to leave the stadium CR7 did not even wait for the final whistle, but shot off three minutes before the end. The point that goes with him like the Playstation, never rises.

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