Juve, it's the De Ligt derby: hand touch and decisive goal. Ronaldo? The real phenomenon is Higuain


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Against the teams of not excellent level, Juve adapts and often plays badly. The best is reserved for Napoli, Atletico, Inter. It also happened in the derby, against a Turin in crisis but finally bad, gritty, combative: finally Toro, in short. Well the bianconeri have struggled to assert their superiority, they have risked little but they have never been brilliant. In the end they won and this would be the only aspect that matters if the coach were still Allegri; instead being the bianconero rider Sarri, we would have expected and we would expect something more. So much so.The news of the day is that De Ligt scored the winning goal, to his first acute in Juve. Previously he had again touched the ball with his hand in the Juventus area, making you think of the rigor: it's amazing how he manages to be the protagonist of an episode like that in every game. Strictly or not, for sure in front of his door is a danger.

The decisive man was Higuain, the best Juventus striker this season for performance, who entered and put the ball of victory on De Ligt's foot. Ronaldo was disappointing again: although many continue to praise him, those who followed him in Real have the perception that this is definitely less effective. The true phenomenon of Juventus is Pipita.

It is definitely stronger, yet for half an hour Juve suffered. Matter of head. Torino went on the pitch with poison on it, denying those who suspected that there was a deep rift between the locker room and Mazzarri: the grenades respected the coach's instructions, attacked the Bianconeri from the start of the action, put them in difficulty. They created little or nothing, but they also prevented Juve from building dangerous actions. And the most discussed episode of the first phase of the competition took place just inside the Szczesny area, however a touch of the hand of De Ligt – still he – following a header by Belotti (11 '). Penalty? Impossible to say, now there is such a difference of judgment that any decision is fine. We would not have whistled, this penalty, but it seemed more serious to us than the one – punished with a penalty – last week in Lecce, when the ball had been deflected in front of the Dutch by an opponent. Arbitration contradictions. After the first third of the race, Juve came out. Why when he put his head and heart, the technical superiority of the bianconeri emerged. Pjanic turned the ball faster, the defense got up, the Torino slowly opened. IS Sirigu has become the absolute protagonist stopping one after the other Dybala (32 ’), De Ligt (45’, half a miracle of the goalkeeper), Ronaldo (12 ’of the second half). The feeling was that Juve had now addressed the inertia of the race on its side, and this signal was accentuated with the entry of Higuain athe place of Dybala. Idea confirmed by facts.

Higuain engaged Sirigu with a spectacular turn just five minutes after entering the field, and immediately afterwards put the ball of advantage 25 'on De Ligt's foot). Then it was a battle in which Juve risked falling only in the action following the goal, when an Ansadi shot – deflected – nearly tricked Szczesny. So he just had to deal with the sterile grenade fury, closed in protests against the referee. Who perhaps it did not affect the result, but it appeared inadequate.



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