Juve, Douglas Costa: "Milan deserves respect. Paqueta has great qualities"



Italians, who goes ahead in the Champions League?

The Young Italy
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Juve, Douglas Costa: "Milan deserves respect. Paqueta has great qualities"

During the interview with Sky Sport, Douglas Costa he also spoke about the next opponent Lucas Paqueta and his relationship with Mario Balotelli and racism. "I know Paqueta and he is an important player, I appreciated him in the national team, he has excellent qualities; certainly football in Europe is very different from Brazil, from the point of view of aggression and I believe that having time will prove its value, because he is young and has the will to demonstrate what it is worth and I believe that with a little time he can bring out his quality.It is clear that Milan of the past was a phenomenal team, that won everything, such as if we make comparisons we can also to say of the Brazilian selection, which in the past had all phenomena in the team … but I believe that Milan is still a good team and deserves great respect ".

On racism "Mario Balotelli writes me messages every now and then, I thank him for the compliments. He likes the games, the technical quality and therefore the Brazilian game. For what happened to him I can say that racism has existed for a very long time, I understand it well, for my skin and I totally fight against it because I think we are all the same and with our families we defend our principles. I believe that the people who commit these acts can be identified, they don't deserve to exult for a goal, because football is a show, brings joy and is not compatible with these events "

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