Juve, Cristiano Ronaldo shows his muscles: there will be against Milan


TORINO – Photos and words that all the fans of the Juve they were waiting. Cristiano Ronaldo reassured the Bianconeri environment showing their muscles on Instagram: "Training completed". Today the Portuguese, as well as De Ligt, he trained separately but against Milan there will be, the discomfort to the adductor is now behind us. Also the Dutch ankle seems to be on track for the final recovery: the team has returned to training after the trip to Moscow with ball possession exercises and a final match. The press conference of Maurizio Sarri.

Juve, the Board of Directors approves the results as at 30 September 2019

Juve-Milan, as the two teams arrive

The Bianconeri team is first in the standings, unbeaten, and has just removed the pass for the last 16 of the season Champions. The Rossoneri, on the other hand, plunged back into distress after the internal knockout against Lazio. Today's training was also present Maldini is Massara to make your team feel close to you. Pioli in the meantime it will dissolve the doubts of formation on Saturday: the presence of Duarte which will replace the unavailable Musacchio.

Baresi: "Ronaldo? As Maradona you can only …"

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