Justice done but the boys are gone


"The operating result has been, but unfortunately our boys are gone". The firefighters of Alexandria comment on the news of thearrest of Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the Quargnento farmhouse in whose explosion Matteo Gastaldo, Marco Triches and Antonino Candido died in the night between 4 and 5 November. The pain for the loss of the three colleagues remains, but "however justice begins to be done", they add about the arrest of the man, who he confessed to be responsible for the terrible explosion that killed the three firemen. The turning point in the investigation into the explosion in the Quargnento farmhouse came a few days after the tragedy and only a few hours after the solemn funerals of Matteo, Marco and Antonino. Giovanni Vincenti said he did not want to kill, but intended to damage the property to defraud the insurance. The attorney of Alessandria, Enrico Cieri, explained this morning at a press conference why Giovanni Vincenti was arrested, while his wife is under investigation.

Giovanni Vincenti could have warned the carabinieri and prevent the death of the firemen – The owner of the farmhouse, the prosecutor said, could have avoided the tragedy: "On the night of the tragedy, Vincenti was informed by a carabiniere that the first fire was almost broken – the magistrate explained -. Vincenti did not say that there were five other tanks inside the house that continued to leak gas. It was around 1, there would have been half an hour to avoid the tragedy". Vincenti collapsed, confessing his responsibilities, faced with the discovery of the timer instruction manual used to trigger the gas cylinders hidden in the farmhouse." The timer usage note was on the bedroom dresser – revealed the magistrate – It was this element that led him to confession. "

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