Juric: "In Milan to do well against an angry Inter. Balotelli told me that …"


Ivan Juric spoke at a press conference in Peschiera del Garda in view of the San Siro trip against Inter. These are his statements:

"Balotelli episode? We didn't feel anything, we had the feeling that Mario had reacted for continuous whistling and ironic chants, but in the end they found the very few people who had racist attitudes. It's not good and when it is so you have to apologize and that's it. These few people have done shocking damage to both Mario and all of us, who were convinced that nothing had happened. Even the players didn't hear anything, before I spoke I asked everyone to be sure, instead it happened. Then I talked to him quietly, he confirmed that they were very few. "

On the return of Kumbulla and Veloso: "We don't know how long they will be, there will be an evolution. The soleus is a strange muscle, times can vary, for Kumbulla you have to be careful. We need to improve in prevention. To the nationals, to the organized trips, a great part of these injuries are due to these things. Kumbulla took a hit before going to the national team, then started to run badly. Miguel also had back problems after his trip to Naples ".

On the others: "Gunter is fine now, he's got the flu. Salcedo's goal? When you make two victories so the environment is more positive, and so am I. I have to think about Di Carmine, but he'll be out in this game; he didn't do anything serious, but I keep it for myself. Worried about the midfield? It is normal, two important players will stand out; they will play others in their place, there are less alternatives, but that's fine. Pessina will be safe in the field, the median is her natural role. I'm still thinking back there. Verre? Sunday was the best, he is doing well, as is Zaccagni: doing that role has more energy for his cues. "

"Inter? It is an opportunity, we must do our utmost and hope to do well. Conte is a winner, I have to thank him because at Chelsea he showed me how he works. I know this is not always the case with others. When preparing the games he takes care of the details, he has great humility and clear ideas. He has this desire to win, sometimes it is his merit, others not. I expect an angry team, they will reach the maximum after the Dortmund defeat ”.

On classification and accident management: "I'm happy, we're satisfied with the performance. We can improve in accident management. We also need good people in what they do, you have to be very careful about traveling, what the players eat. We can't go wrong there. We cannot buy like others, but in that we must become impeccable. When I had to say it was not on the market, but on these aspects ”.

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