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Yamaha, Ducati, Honda MotoGP, up to the Aprilia 250 of its first world titles: Jorge makes it clear what kind of bike he liked and which he didn't. Because his is a round guide and the feeling with the front is the quality he needs to go as fast as you can.

With Ducati he managed to adapt the bike to his driving, although unfortunately – he is the first to regret it – out of timeor, while with Honda it was much more difficult.

Jorge is believed an unlucky driver, many injuries also suffered in his career especially in the top class. And this year he has never been able to get on the track at one hundred percent of his physical abilities.

Then he points out that in reality at the first contact with Honda last year he was quite well, but the 2019 version has moved away from its needs. He can't push hard when he doesn't like the bike, and every time he tried it he ended up on the ground, almost always ruinously.

And now? How it feels e what future sees Lorenzo? The Mallorcan admits he feels dejected, but says that we must get over it and ensure that you don't want to give up: you will try the Honda 2020 in Valencia, the Tuesday following the last GP of the year. IS then he will decide.

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