Jaguar Land Rover, Tata's Indian masters seek partners. BMW and Geely in contention



Tata is looking for partners for J&LR to support the British Group's electrification program. The possible interested builders would be Geely one of the strongest brands on the Chinese market or BMW with which JLR has already started a collaboration for the electric and autonomous driving. However, Tata does not intend to sell the British Group acquired by Ford in 2008

by Corrado Canali

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The search for partners able to save on the investments necessary to better support the electrification process has prompted the Tata Group that is the owner of Jaguar Land Rover to contact manufacturers such as BMW and Geely's Chinese to start a collaboration with the British automotive Group struggling with a contraction in sales, particularly on the Chinese market. At the same time Tata has decided to provide the British Group with a fresh capital injection of 910 million dollars.

Logical that any link with a Chinese manufacturer like Geely could help JLR in that highly competitive market. Closer ties the British Group has, instead, with BMW with which there is already an existing collaboration for the development of engines and electric propulsion technology, despite the former CEO of the German car manufacturer, Harald Krueger, in August has excluding any equity investment.

On the initiative of Tata the only ones to comment for now have been Geely's Chinese "We do not think there have been talks with Tata or JLR" their official statement, while BMW refused to comment on rumors about possible collaboration with J&LR.

The challenge of electrification is now in an increasingly crucial phase so that all car manufacturers are working to gather resources that allow them to better face the great turning point in the electric car and autonomous driving. The challenge that also imposes on small Groups like JLR that has programmed in an ambitious program to offer electric variants for each of its new models since 2020.

The British Group was one of the first engines among traditional manufacturers to offer a fully electric crossover, the Jaguar I-Pace, presented last year. But now JLR has to deal with a global recession that has accelerated collaboration agreements between manufacturers the pace of agreements has increased.

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