"I've always been a fan of the pirate galleon and your initials"


J-Ax to Cristina D'Avena, voice actors in Playmobil: "I've always been a fan of the pirate galleon and your initials"

For over 45 years, they have sparked the imagination of children. They are the Playmobil, action figures, with mobile legs and arms, born in the 1970s in Germany. The film, which will be released on December 31st at the cinema, was presented to Alice nella Citta, the autonomous and parallel section of the Rome Film Festival. Today they have been transformed into an animated film, directed by Lino Di Salvo, a highly experienced director (Frozen animation director), and two exceptional voice actors in the Italian version. The rapper J-Ax, lends his voice to the bad guy, Emperor Maximus, while the singer Cristina D'Avena, interpreter of the most famous cartoon tunes of all time, has dubbed the Fairy Godmother, a central character in helping , the protagonist Marla, to find her brother, who from the real world ended up in the fantastic world of Playmobil.

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To the director of the film Lino DiSalvo, Playmobil: The Movie offered the opportunity to remember how he played with his favorite toys when he was a child. «Toys like Playmobil are a gateway to your past memories, like time machines and when they take you back, they immediately rekindle that spark. I got the inspiration for the film when I visited my childhood home and found some of my toys »

"I had a great time doubling the bad emperor Maximus. – explains J-Ax – he is a spoiled dictator who hides his childish and tender part so much that he believes he can control the people by giving them a great show to watch. It was a new and interesting experience for me, especially because as a child I dreamed of the legendary Playmobil galleon, which I managed to buy from a collector with the first money earned from music ".

Even Cristina D'Avena, interpreter of the most famous cartoon theme songs, "had a great time doubling the character of the Fairy Godmother, because in a way I feel a bit like her too. During my concerts, I always urge my audience to pursue their dreams, because credendoc, they can come true. And then working with J-Ax, who sang Pollon in my last album, and I still hope to collaborate with him is always extraordinary ».


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