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Let's make it simple: intense game, almost beautiful. An infinite number of attacks, shots, parades, here and there, beyond and from here, not a few decisive and spectacular interventions by goalkeepers. Especially in the second half where it seemed for a while Premier and not A league.Parma wins and does not steal anything because it is a good Parma for 90 minutes. Rome loses tiredness. Not of demerit or misfortune, it loses tiredness. Exemplary is the action of Parma's second goal: Diawara does not hold the ball, Hernani is Kucka take it, sort it to Cornelius and in the meantime nobody from Rome recovers, they are all with the tongue out.

Rome loses, yet it is not as bad as it would indicate the two to zero immediately. When it started to play Lazio had already overtaken in the standings and remained above Roma when it ended in Parma. What do you want worse for Rome as collateral damage than a defeat? Yet Rome is not bad.
And the criticism of Fonseca would do badly. Far from it, does Fonseca make wine with the grapes it has? Not only this, Fonseca chose the best bunches and made it a vineyard. Meaning? That is, Rome is a team with identity and desire and play. Fonseca helped by Smalling behind which gave the defense of Rome an acceptable figure. Fonseca helped by Veretout in the center of the field that gave Rome a gaming brain. Fonseca who has given role and confidence to Shepherd is Kluivert, the latter excellent in the evening of Parma.

So why did Rome lose? Because in the yellow and red vineyard set up by Fonseca at a certain point the barrels, bottles and glasses ended up. Roma didn't play badly, but he didn't make it anymore to play. And he also lost, on a smaller scale, because no help came from the bench either for breath or technique. And it is not the first time that the substitutes from the bench leave the regret of it would be under better had they remained seated.

Parma, a good Parma. Relatively easy to make a good match and figure when you have someone who is really good, Kulusevki, and one that looks like two in one: Kucka. Add a Gervinho as an option and you have a team that is not a small car but has standard equipment, at least some, as a sedan.
A game that begins and that part of Rome is a pleasure. But just as it is a pleasure, Parma replies. Kluivert and Zaniolo dance and bite at the edge of the opposing area, Gervinho shoots or goes close to throwing in the goal about three times in a row. Smalling holds back that it's a security, as does Iacoponi on the other side. Cornelius and Kolarov both waste. Exit Spinazzola, Santon enters (Florenzi?). Exit Gervinho, enter Sprocati, obviously he will be the one to score the game goal, that of one to zero for Parma. Goals scored after a string of Parma shares, goals found on a cross that Sprocati chokes and so the ball is sure to enter.

When Parma takes the lead it is already the second half, a recovery that seemed to be ugly at the beginning, too much to kick in as it comes. But it is a busted impression, the game only gets more fought and more exciting to see. Fazio comes out playing blindfolded, Diawara enters, Rome takes no advantage or breath. He will then enter Under for Pastore, another change of fact at a loss. Zaniolo is tired or strange tonight or both, when Sepe finally finds his way into the goal. Final forcing of Roma: Kluivert and still Sepe para. The same Kluivert who avoids the second goal against Roma by saving Roma in the area. Parma's doubling postponed to the end, to the last minutes. While Dzeko watches finish the game he is exhausted. Tonight he played like he had weights on his legs, like his team more or less all. This time at Rome the championship break will only do well, unless the complaining that it is the fault of the coach, the fault of the company, starts two weeks long …


Parma-Roma 2-0 (first half 0-0)

Markers: 23 ’s.t. Sprocati (P), 90 + 3 s.t. Cornelius (P)

Assist: 23 ’s.t. Gagliolo (P), 90 + 3 Hernani (P)

Parma (4-3-3): Sepe; Gagliolo (38 ’s.t. Alves), Dermaku, Iacoponi, Darmian; Kucka, Scozzarella (25 ’s.t. Barilla), Hernani; Kulusevski, Cornelius, Gervinho (45 ’p.t. Sprocati). All. Aversa

Rome (4-2-3-1): Pau Lopez; Spinazzola (26 ’p.t. Santon), Fazio (25’ s.t. Diawara), Smalling, Kolarov; Veretout, Mancini; Zaniolo, Pastore (20 ’s.t. Under), Kluivert; Dzeko. Fonseca All

Referee: Michael Fabbri

Ammonites: 11 ’p.t. Zaniolo (R), 23 ’p.t. Scozzarella (P), 30 ’s.t. Barilla (P), 31 ’s.t. Hernani (P), 32 ’s.t. Kluivert (R)

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