It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong


don Michele Mottola
in the picture: don Michele Mottola

"It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong". He responded thus, Don Michele Mottola, the parish priest of Trentola Ducenta (Caserta) arrested for child abuse, when the 11-year-old tried to keep her away. When he told him to leave her, he didn't want to be touched by him. And then words, whispers, winks. Those that the girl had told her parents and investigators, but that the priest, now in prison for child abuse, had dismissed as "rants", inventions, lies.

That they were not lies, the same girl had to prove it that, although she was only 11 years old at the time, she realized that those attentions went beyond those that a priest should reserve for children. And so he started recording, to have on his cell phone a proof of what was happening and to show also "to the grown-ups" that he was telling the truth. The audio files, along with the testimonials and messages, ended up in the material collected in the investigation that led to the precautionary measure in prison, carried out by the agents of the police station of Aversa of the State Police, led by the executive Vincenzo Gallozzi.

The recordings, which the child had done on her own and on her own initiative, were delivered in May 2019 to the police officers of the Aversa police station. made to listen to the Diocese of Aversa, who immediately suspended the priest and then to start a canonical process that is still ongoing; the Naples North Prosecutor's Office was informed of the situation. In the course of the probative incident, which put the priest in front of the child, the child confirmed those accusations already held while Don Mottola defended himself by saying that it was ranting.

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