Italy for the Europeans is almost done, Mancini: '' I could change one or two ''


ROME – Italy at the European Championships with 10 wins out of 10 in qualifying is something that "makes us happy, because the fans got closer to the national team and this was the best thing we could have done. We could have done it just by playing well: we have always won and this is a beautiful thing ". Roberto Mancini, host of the Social Football Summit taking place in Rome, compliments are held tight but still keeping our feet on the ground. The team that returned to thrill the Italians has an important goal ahead of them, next year's European Championship ..

Mancini: "We have laid the foundations"

"Now we have laid the foundations and having done it in just two years is a very good thing – the Italian coach said – we would like to be remembered later, now it's early. We haven't won any trophies yet. We would like to be remembered for some victories" . One of his dreams ever since


Europei 2020, draw: Italy risks a group with France and Portugal

"The group is that. Balotelli? There are still six months left"

The time for choices will come. "The Europeans are safe? At the moment almost everyone. I think they can change one or two. The group is that," Mancini confirmed. "Unfortunately, someone will not be called, the final phase will be a bit more difficult. in 23, sorry because there are at least a dozen more that would deserve it ". And Balotelli? "There are still six months left …", replied the coach with a joke.

"Barella surprised me. Castrovilli? It depends on him"

We talk about singles. "The newcomer in blue that surprised me the most? Barella was one of the first, he didn't have much experience and in a short time he became one of the best Italian midfielders. But all those who came have qualities, they are young and maybe there it will take some time ", said the coach, who made 24 players debut in the national team. Among these Castrovilli: "He has qualities, I summoned him to know him better like other boys, he has important qualities and he is young – added Mancini -. He has had few experiences in Serie A, he will depend on him. He will certainly be an important player of National in the coming years will then depend on him in these six months ".

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