Italian electric scooters ME to EICMA 2019: models, features and prices


Thus ME defines the character of the two new electric scooters, details in the line and ideal to disentangle in the middle of city traffic. The frame is in Sheet Mouling Compound (SMC), a thermosetting sheet material composed of filaments of fibers cut on a layer of polyester resin. It is a material that can be recycled in the cement production process.

100% top-up takes place in 5 and a half hours, and it is possible:

  • attach the scooter to the 220V outlet
  • remove the battery and recharge it
ME 6.0 is the first motorcycle of me. Following the specifications:

  • Rated power 6 kW – peak 10 kW
  • Max. Speed 80km / h
  • Acceleration 0-30km / h in 2 seconds
  • Autonomy: 70km
  • Energy recovery during braking
  • Frame in SMC
  • Front and rear steel fork support
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • 12 "aluminum alloy wheels
  • Lithium battery
  • Dual charging mode: direct attack or battery extraction
  • Max charging time: 5.5 hours
  • Colors: Gloss White, Matt Smoke, Matt Green, Matt Black
  • Standard:
    • 4.3 "TFT display
    • LED arrows
    • LED rear light
    • USB socket
    • storage net
    • LED headlight
  • Optional:
    • rear luggage rack
    • tessellated wheels
  • Price: € 6.490, 4,894 € with Ecobonus

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