It is the day of the armed forces: parade on the Naples waterfront, Mattarella arrives


With one eye on the hands and the other on weather forecasts, the countdown has already begun. The long national day dedicated to celebrating the National Unity and the Armed Forces begins this morning in Naples. An appointment in which the President of the Republic will participate, Sergio Mattarella.

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A busy day, full of events. This year it is up to the chief town of Campania to host the Feast of November 4th. The only unknown factor, at least limited to some performances, is the time (whose conditions are however given in improvement compared to yesterday). It starts at 9.45 with the solemn flag-raising in Piazza del Plebiscito. At 11.45 the scene shifts to waterfront Caracciolo, with the extraction of the interforce departments (Army, Navy, Air Force, Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza). Next, the two strong dishes that have always enchanted the public present on these occasions: two overflights on the Gulf of the Frecce Tricolori, and the launch of an inter-force team of paratroopers with the flags of the Armed Forces and the Guardia di Finanza, which will touch earth transporting a 400 square meter flag from the sky. At the same time, 21 artillery salvages will leave from the military ships in the roadstead.

Celebrations of National Unity and Armed Forces Day they represent an important moment of cohesion and unity and national identity, as well as the annual meeting of Italian soldiers with their fellow citizens, an ideal meeting place and amalgamation between those who dress a uniform and the common people. The Armed Forces are the architects and guarantors of national unity. The commitment on the national territory should not be forgotten either: the armed forces operate in Italy to contribute to security, as in the case of Operation Safe Roads, right here in Naples, and – in the Mediterranean waters – of the Mare Sicuro operation. Italy contributes to the current stabilization missions, in inter-force and multinational contexts, with over 5000 military personnel operating abroad: from Libya to the Sahel and to the Horn of Africa, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon, from the Baltic countries to the Balkans, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean to the skies of Iceland. These are international operations mainly carried out under the aegis of the United Nations, within the NATO and EU frameworks in which the Armed Forces have reached very high levels of effectiveness.

This year also marks the twentieth anniversary of law 380 with which, on October 20, 1999, our country aligned itself with the countries of NATO by opening the doors of the Armed Forces and the Guardia di Finanza to female recruitment. The entry of Italian women from the military world will take place in 2000, representing a historic turning point for our country and for Defense. The 2020 Calendar of the General Staff of Defense is dedicated to the Francesca Rava Foundation, which has always been committed to children in difficulty, including through projects to support women, mothers and young women. Last updated: 07:04 © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

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