It is now that we must show affection to Antonio, Marco and Matteo. But watch out for jackals


Quargnento Fire Brigade

ALESSANDRIA – The worst, as has been said by many, is the aftermath. Now the risk is that silence makes us lose the memory of three firefighters dead in Quargnento, Antonio, Marco and Matteo, right now they need the maximum support after the great testimony of the whole country. The loss of life due to the dismal absence of noise in the houses will be even stronger and wives, children and relatives of the three firefighters need the greatest closeness. Also for this theNational Fire Brigade Association has set up an account to support family members. Below the appeal:

"After all the pain, the discomfort, the confusion, perhaps the most important moment has arrived, that of help. And it is precisely one of the principles of the fireman, to help others by sacrificing themselves. You have already done a lot for us all these days, with your presence, your words, your comfort and we thank you for this. Now, we ask all of you to be a firefighter for a moment, and to help the families of Antonio, Marco and Matteo. Everything helps, big or small, your donation will be of great help anyway ".
Here's how, donate to:
Alessandria Fire Department Association
UBI European Regional Bank – Branch of Alexandria
IBAN: IT49B0311110400000000005382
Reason: to support the families of the deceased.

But be careful because the same Provincial Command informs that in the past hours they are turned some current accounts never validated, communicated from ignoble jackals intent on making money even on such huge tragedies. therefore the only subscription currently enabled is that of the National Fire Brigade Association.

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