Isn't it the Arena, Massimo Giletti provokes Adriano Celentano? Replica without discounts: "What I think of your program"


In the first appointment of Adrian, the new show by Adriano Celentano, among the guests there is also Massimo Giletti. Just this last one caused an amnesia to Adriano Celentano in the first minutes of the show. The showman presented his five guests and said about Massimo Giletti that with him we have information on wars, catastrophes, theft, the mafia.

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The conductor of It is not the Arena Celentano's reply was immediate and interrupted: "You transmit this news, it's important, but now you attacked me and you made me forget what I had to say …". Molleggiato later rebuked Giletti: "A "Sometimes you don't understand anything in your program. You should invent a system when the voices overlap."

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