is shocked by the protest on Thursday. Null relationship with ADL, future far from Naples with other three blue


Lorenzo InsigneLorenzo Insigne

Insigne shocked by the dispute

Latest Calcio Napoli – Today's edition of the Gazzetta dello Sport tells the mood of Lorenzo Insigne and disrupts a possible market scenario in view of June as regards other Italian players:

Lorenzo Insigne

"The captain is shaken, probably, he will have underestimated what could have happened with that insubordination act. And today he finds himself having to deal with a fiery environment, which has no intention of forgiving anything, nor to him or to the other players. From Insigne, people would have expected a different attitude, of collaboration with the club and with Ancelotti, between the captain and the Neapolitan environment the feeling has been interrupted for a long time, as well as with Ancelotti and De Laurentiis: The parties live on endurance and this state of affairs does not facilitate the task of anyone. Insigne may not have the serenity to face such a moment, it was thought that the coach could exclude him from tonight's race. without comparison. Insigne has been a case for a couple of years, he has already known the dispute of Fuorigrotta and his relationship with De Laurentiis is practically nil.The impression is that the future of the captain and some of his companions (Koulibaly, Mertens, Callejon) will be far from Naples ".

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