is orange code weather alert. The affected areas


An intense disturbance, also stormy, affects Tuscany tomorrow, Friday 15 November. For this – explains the Tuscany Region – the unified Operations Room issued a code orange from midnight tonight until 6pm of tomorrow Friday 15 November on Arcipelago, coastal areas and neighboring areas, Grossetano, Senese, Aretino and a yellow code on the rest of the region always for rains and hydrogeological risk.

The worsening of the weather conditions will start in the night, Friday starting from the Archipelago and from the central-northern coast with widespread precipitations, even locally stormy, extending between the night and morning to the whole of Tuscany.

From the afternoon the precipitations will tend to assume a more sparse character, resulting more frequent in the eastern areas of the region. Late in the evening new showers and temporary blocks arrive in the western areas of the region. The thunderstorm precipitations, which may be associated with strong gusts of wind and hailstorms, will be more frequent on the Archipelago, coastal areas and neighboring areas, Grossetano, Senese, Aretino and locally will assume a strong intensity.

As for the wind, strong gusts are expected from the south on the Archipelago, the coastal areas and the Grosseto area, which will cause the rough sea on the Archipelago and the Grosseto coast up to the first part of the day.

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