is accused of sexual assault on 5 patients in the hospital


Accused of five episodes of sexual violence, a doctor was arrested on duty at the hospital in Manfredonia. According to the prosecution he would have taken advantage

This is what was discovered by the police. This morning, the agents of Commissariat of Manfredonia, with the help of the Judicial Police Section of the Public Prosecutor of Foggia, have implemented a precautionary order which provides for the House arrest and the prohibition of exercising the medical profession for six months, against a doctor in service at the hospital in Manfredonia.

In the order, issued by the GIP of the Court at the request of the Public Prosecutor who conducted the investigations, the aforementioned professional is challenged five episodes of sexual violence, committed between 2004 and 2019, aggravated by the fact that they were committed by a public service officer in the performance of his duties. The doctor, during the health examinations conducted against his patients at the hospital of Manfredonia, abusing their condition of mental inferiority deriving from the patient-health psychological dependence relationship, forced them to suffer sexual acts against their will.

In particular, the doctor, in some cases, suggested the possible existence of pathologies that in reality were non-existent, and this in order to provoke a state of shock such as to strengthen the entrustment in him by the patients, or used the excuse of having to carry out special diagnostic investigations, especially with the use of an ultrasound machine, of which in reality there was no need, or which in any case were ineffective compared to the real needs.

With these expedients he induced women to undress, taking advantage of groping their breasts and buttocks or rubbing their genitals on their bodies. In some cases, almost as if it were a real gynecological examination, he touched them in his private parts even penetrating them with his fingers, where instead the patients had turned to him to perform tests on completely different body parts such as a shoulder , the abdomen, the sternum and, in one case, even a heel.

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