is a flop of plays for the new season


Adrian, the big names of TV are not enough: it is a flop of plays for the new season

The return of Adrian on Channel 5, after the suspension of the first season, it is a resounding flop. Nine months later, Adriano Celentano tries again with a renewed formula, stuffed with big names of Italian television, from Gerry Scotti, to Paolo Bonolis, passing through Massimo Giletti, Carlo Conti is Piero Chiambretti. The numbers of the you listenhowever, they are merciless. The show was only seen by 3,869,000 viewers with the 15.41% share, but an even more drastic drop is recorded when the cartoon segment is aired: I'm just 1859000 viewers left in front of the TV with the 10.44% of share.

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The managers will not be happy Mediaset that for the realization of the project, expected for twenty years, have sustained important investments: over 20 million euros. Even the fiction of Rai1 with Daniele Liotti, "One step from heaven", Overtakes Adrian recording 4.407.000 viewers and the 19.95% of share. The first season of the show had already suffered an abrupt halt in February, due to the fall in audience figures: the first episode by almost six million viewers (21.9% share), second by 3,965,000 (15% share) ), third from 3,029,000 (11.9%), fourth to 9%.

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Beyond the ratings, the series was received in a negative way also due to the poor quality of the drawings of the animated segment, despite the artistic supervision had been entrusted to a great illustrator as Milo Manara. The opening of the new season, with a large round table on the state of the art of Italian television has also received a cold reception, resulting in a product already seen. Celentano tries to revive the fate of the show by staging a fake escape from the Cologno Monzese studios and throwing poison jokes on a TV "too caramelous" that must "be more candid". Then he accuses the public of not having understood anything of the show: "You who are now looking at me from your homes – explains Celentano in a monologue – I want to tell you that I have not forgotten that in the first four episodes you condemned me, accusing me of being not very present , without in the least thinking about Adrian, about the things he wanted to tell you, what happens and will happen ". "But you who were looking at me were angry – he added – because when I was on stage I didn't speak and I didn't sing and now you're back, hoping that now I behave differently from last time. You didn't understand anything then. "


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