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The 53 year old Eddie Irvine commented on the situation of the pilots at Ferrari, giving Sebastian Vettel a considerable rejection and Binotto's advice on managing the pilots. The 1999 world vice-champion was interviewed by the betting agency Betway, and on the duel Leclerc-Vettel chose to support the Monegasque.

Irvine: "In 1999 I would not have bet on me"

"At the beginning of the year I had said that Leclerc would have had a good chance of beating Vettel, because the latter seemed in obvious difficulty. Everyone was crazy at the time, but I still support him today. The reason is that in my opinion Vettel does not deserve to be a four-time world champion. Obviously he is good but he is not so fast, we have already seen him in the comparison with Ricciardo and we have had the confirmation with Leclerc. Sebastian got an extraordinary contract with Ferrari and I was surprised at the time when he signed, because he came from a period in which he was literally "destroyed" by Ricciardo", Said Irvine before giving an 'advice' to Maranello.

"I think in Ferrari they should concentrate only on Leclerc, but in many races it was clearly seen that they could not sacrifice Vettel because of its status as a world champion. They lost a race with Leclerc that could easily be won. I know Binotto very well, he was my engineer: he is super smart and super calm. But this is one of the most difficult things he will have to face in order to go back to the top of the rankings. The reason is that Vettel can do a lot of damage to Leclerc's chances of winning the title, something that can't happen in Mercedes with Bottas and Hamilton; the only driver who can compete on a par with Lewis is Charles", Explained the former Newtownards pilot.

Irvine: "Leclerc much stronger than Verstappen"

At the end of the interview, the Northern Irishman gave the reason why he thinks that Leclerc is the right opponent for six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton: "Let's look at what Vettel does every time he leads a race: he makes mistakes or if he is going head-to-head with Hamilton he comes second, and it always comes out destroyed from this challenge. Leclerc, taking the Monza race as an example, has probably made an illegal maneuver on Hamilton, but he did it so well that it made a penalty difficult, and he stayed ahead. I look forward to seeing them battle again, because I think Hamilton is the best "racer" ever, even if not the fastest ever, as it is very correct, while Leclerc is Ferrari's future".

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