Iraq, attack on Italian soldiers training Kurds against Isis: 5 wounded, 3 of which serious. Two of them have suffered amputations


A'explosion hit them during a foot training operation by local security forces. So five Italian soldiers stationed in Iraq were injured due to the explosion of a Ied, a rudimentary explosive device, around 11am on Sunday, in the area around the city of Kirkuk. Three of them are in serious conditions but not life threatening, even if two of them have suffered amputations.

The military is all in confidential prognosis and currently hospitalized military in Baghdad. Of the three, the most severe reported internal bleeding. Another, reported sources of the General Staff of the defense, suffered theamputation of a foot, while the third has very serious injuries to both legs, one of which was amputated above the knee. The other two soldiers involved in the explosion, on the other hand, reported only minor fractures and minor injuries. The attack took place at 11 locations in the area of Kirkuk, an area that, according to intelligence, has experienced a new increase in attacks by the Islamic state, with actions of fire or rudimentary devices: only in the last 15 days were they counted 30. The soldiers were carrying out a support activity to a unit of special forces of the Peshmerga.

The Rome prosecutor's office has opened a file on the attack. The investigation, coordinated by deputy prosecutor Francesco Caporale and deputy prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco, will involve a series of in-depth analyzes on the part of the Carabinieri del Ros. The hypothesized crimes are attacked with terrorist aims and very serious injuries.

Military engaged in anti-ISIS mission – The team was carrying out training activities ("mentoring and training") in favor of the Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS. The military was immediately rescued, evacuated with US helicopters part of the coalition and transported to a hospital "Role 3"Where they are receiving the appropriate care. The medical support of the Role is organized on four levels of severity. "None of the five Italian soldiers injured in Iraq are in danger of death, according to the doctors who treated them," said the Italian ambassador in Baghdad Bruno Antonio Pasquino contacted by Ansa.

At the moment there are three missions involving the Italian military: the European Assistant Mission (EUAM), the NATO mission and the operation Prima Parthica for the contrast to Daesh (Isis). And it is to this last mission that the assaulted soldiers participate. The mission, launched on October 14, 2014, provides for "a logistical-administrative device of about 250 units". The Ministry of Defense website explains that “the national device operates in the three offices and in particular in Erbil, where training courses are in progress for the Peshmerga and others Baghdad"., Two of the wounded are members of the IX regiment Col Moschin Army and three belong to the operational group Comsubin raises of the navy.

Defense Minister Guerini: "Proximity to families" – Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guerini, "He was promptly made aware of the attack by the Chief of Defense Staff, General Enzo Vecciarelli, and he is carefully following – it is emphasized – the evolution of the situation". Guerini is following "with attention and apprehension" the developments of the attack in Iraq. The minister, immediately informed of the situation by the Chief of Staff of the Defense, immediately informed the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the premier Giuseppe Conte. The Minister, underlined to the Defense, "in these hours of concern, expresses the deepest closeness to the families and colleagues of the military involved". "I'm following with pain and apprehension what happened to our soldiers in Iraq, involved in an attack. Our boys were employed in training activities of Iraqi security forces engaged in the fight against ISIS – Foreign Minister writes on Facebook Luigi Di Maio – In these cases the first thought goes to the soldiers affected, to their families and to all our men and women in uniform who risk their lives every day to guarantee our security. We carefully follow every development ". "The President of the Republic has sent to Guerini and Vecciarelli," a message of solidarity for the wounded soldiers ". The premier "expresses closeness to the wounded military, who are receiving medical care in these hours, and to their families".

Two days ago some Katyusha rockets had been launched towards an air base in Iraq, south of Mosul, which is also home to American troops. The rockets were apparently launched from Mosul against the base of Qayyara, about 60 kilometers from the city that in the past was the "capital" of the Islamic State in Iraq.


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